Fran Jaume – Artist Feature by Jo Blackened

Fran Jaume aka Sico D. Eliah is an Artist based in Puerto Rico.

His type of art consists of Oil paintings, mixed aqueous mediums, ‘Junk art’, plaster sculptures, Charcoals sketches and Digi-mix art aswell as Pro-photography.

Frans’ main passion is oil painting, with him starting in the world of fine arts by the year of 1997 (self-learner).

Hey Fran, thanks so much for your time.
I have to start by saying your work is very intriguing and different, and extremely amazing!

With such a range in diversity, can I ask where you draw your inspiration from?
I was inspired by the work of Renoir, as I had an opportunity of seeing his work and in that moment where I was passionate about art.
Seeing as his last paintings, the brushes were tied to his wrist that was suffering from arthritis, so do wonders in making his last phase of his career as impressionist painter.

At what age did you become interested in Art?
This is an interesting question, I remember since I had only 3 years old I became passionate with crayons and paper, doing my own designs, but for me was a natural way to have fun. When all the senses woke up were in 1997.
What are your favourite subjects to draw?
Dreams, visions, persons in my own way, passion is the engine that moves the creative soul, where the logic is a fantasy and the dreams are a reality ….. no boundaries.

Have you attended any courses regarding your Art?
I took several art courses at the School of Plastic Arts of Puerto Rico (EAP). I learned more about the history of art and color theory.

How would you describe your creative style?
My style can vary depending on how I feel, as each piece is a piece of my being.
Surrealism, Expressionism, and abstract are the line in which I express myself, but like everyone always experimenting and seeking new visions. The passion, dreams, feelings and perceiving the world inside and out, are the engines that drive my creativity.
Visual art impacts each individual in different ways because as viewers identify with the work according to their perception of it.

Art is essential base to carry a social message, not only in the visual arts, art in general.
The message of what you as a person feels and renders it in a way so to present a vision and contribute to society, our people, in a creative and bring that message further, openly and without fear.

The cultural aspect is also seen in my work, for example, “Soñando raices en Tierra Explotada” (“Dreaming Roots in Exploited Land”) is a piece in oil, giving surreal to see or feel the past and present.

Just my art reflects what I feel and dream.
Has your work ever been published/displayed anywhere?
I have had exhibitions in the Island and beyond (individual and collective) so leaving a piece of my art in every step I take as a human being and bringing the message in every stroke and photography and other mediums.

You are also an extremely talented photographer. How did you get into this field?
Thank you. In 1998 I started as an amateur photographer for a magazine called Noctambulo, covering all kinds of events, especially concerts.
What is your favourite type of photography and place to shoot?
Any kind of photography, like objects, persons, cities, beaches, animals, junk, abandoned places using both, 35mm, 120mm and DSLR photography, also I like to mix all together and create an unique piece of art.
What are your goals in the future & what would you like to achieve?
Recognition, and one of my goals is that people can identify with each piece and get into their soul as human beings.

What advice would you give someone who was looking into taking up Art?
Do it with your soul, no matter what you want to do, don’t let anybody to stop your dreams, in art are no boundaries. Be a dreamer, a rebel… !
Where can people see/purchase your work?

Via my Favebook page:
people can contact me directly on my Email –

Thank you so much for your time & especially for the drawing you did of me

My pleasure, thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about my passions in arts.