Fractal Generator – Apotheosynthesis

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/ Label: None
Released: 2015
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FractalBand line-up:

040118180514: Bass, Vocals
040114090512: Drums
102119200914: Guitar, Vocals


1. Cycle
2. Face Of The Apocalypse
3. Abandon Earth
4. Into The Unknown
5. Paragon
6. Human
7. The Singularity
8. Synthetic Symbiosis
9. Reflections


The whole space vibe is not new to the Metal realm, and from various outputs over the years most who try this either fall into one of two camps. Firstly, there are the SCI FI explorations of geeky metalheads that very rarely work, unless your name is Devin Townsend. The second is something far more bleak and overwhelming. The kind of space that is eternally stretched out before us and completely devoid of light, a sound that the likes of Darkspace are so renowned for creating.

So where do these guys fit in? Thankfully somewhere quite comfortable in the second of these two planetariums, at least in so far as the thematically structure that is!

Opening with technical heaviness and death gruff sounding vocals ‘Cycle‘ the band instantly cement themselves into a deadly metallic force. Full of intense sinister sounding riffs that come with apocalyptic tones and ominous vibes.

‘Face of the Apocalypse’ weaves a healthy amount of electronic beeps into the core of their star gazing leanings while serving plenty of with of double kick pedals and metallic fury.

The record keeps a strong fixation toward memorable instrumentation. From the Impressive lead guitars in ‘Abandon Earth’ to the destructive drum pounds of ‘Paragon’, a track that evokes death metal savagery of the highest order!

While the album delivers a heavy slab of metallic noise; it falls short in the way of progression. The space theme is an area that needs more work as the band never really appear to throw themselves fully into the black void, making the album feel too secure and comfortable at times.

Fortunately, ‘Reflections’ ends on a high as the atmosphere is cut short with mammoth sized guitars and earth shattering drums. The music gives you a sense of escaping from a nightmarish world of acid breathing aliens that are out for human blood.
Despite being stylistically different, Fractural Generator’s odyssey is reminiscent of what Progenie Terrestre Pura were doing a couple of years ago with their album UMA. While this album doesn’t exactly offer up anything new, there is enough gravity in their sound to suck you into a wormhole and blast you out into the great unknown.

Review by Ben Spencer