Foxing – Dealer

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2015
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foxing-dealerBand line-up:

Conor Murphy – vocals
Ricky Sampson – guitar
Eric Hudson – guitar
Josh Coll – bass
Jon Hellwig – drums


01 Weave
02 The Magdalene
03 Night Channels
04 Laundered
05 Indica
06 Winding Cloth
07 Redwoods
08 Glass Coughs
09 Eiffel
10 Coda
11 Three On A Match


After the success of “The Albatross”, the expectations were high for Foxing’s sophomore release, which was now released, two years later.

“Dealer” is a more mature album, with more straightforward melodies of a thicker emotional level. Conor Murphy’s voice also sounds more controlled, especially the falsettos that don’t break down anymore – “The Magdalene” and “Glass Coughs” the most notorious examples of such improvement.

Both instrumental tracks featured in this album, “Winding Cloth” and “Coda”, are a prelude to the melancholy that follows suit with “Redwoods” and “Three On A Match” – the former a little more classic, the latter more alternative. It’s probably just “Indica” that’s somewhat of a downer, having little variation within its composition – and as it’s almost five-minutes long, the repetition seems to last longer. Still, there are always those who like this kind of mantras.

So regarding the aforementioned expectations, most indie lovers will find them met.

Review by Renata Lino