Forndom – Flykt

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Nordvis
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Released: 2015
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Forndom1Band line-up:

H.L.H. Sward – All Instruments & Vocals


1. For Varldarna Nio
2. Nar Alvkungens Rike Faller Samman
3. Backahasten
4. Flykt
5. Aterkomst


If you like music about nature and people employing tribal/indigenous instruments from their country of origin, then one of the first acts to come to mind would be Wardruna. Gaahl and his lackeys have brought Norwegian/Viking music into the metal canon and it now seems Sweden has followed suit with new act Forndom.

On the band’s first known release, Forndom have achieved the ability to personify the folk legends and ideologies of the ancient tribes who inhabited the Sodermanland area of Sweden in the age of Norse mythology. It isn’t just a music act, the group employ art and writing so check out their Tumblr for that.

And opening their first album: FLYKT, we have ‘For Valdarna Nio’ which sounds like a tribal chant around a campfire – perhaps an initiation ceremony where a new member is welcomed into the inner circle as a warrior or adventurer. There certainly is a lot of adventure on this release. It reminded me of Saor and Caladan Brood, so if you like Epic Black Metal and classical music this track and follow up ‘Nar Alvkungens Rike Faller Samman’ will certainly please.

The second track also has soothing drums and the sound of a child crying which did move me. There’s a slight concept of growing up and finding yourself on this album so maybe the band had a coming of age story in their head which they put to the music of their land.

‘Backahasten’ told me this group would go down well in the atmospheric black metal world because its pacing a flowing river-like melodies were something to chill out to on a winter night with candles. The vocals here sound like a choir, quite impressive for a one man group.

And we round off this journey into the Swedish past with title track ‘Flykt’ which is harmonising, peaceful and soothing which you can chill out to easily. It made me feel a little light headed and the ending really hit me with a dush of fury as the strings took me straight into final track ‘Aterkomst’. This ends the adventure in a serene overture of sorrow and foreboding. It reminded me of the scene in The Two Towers where Gimli blows the great horn at Helms Deep signalling the surprise attack by Theoden and the Riders of Rohan. That just told me that the adventure had gone to a whole new level and I was left pumped to hear more from this group.

A very well done piece Forndom. Beautifully composed, and excellent for people who love classical music and the most epic of melodic and atmospheric metal.

Review by Demitri Levantis