FÖRGJORD set release date for new album

Finnish black metal underground act Förgjord have announced their highly anticipated third album, Uhripuu, is set to be released internationally on March 10th on Werewolf Records.



Förgjord began in the mid ’90s and the trio have largely shied away from the spotlight – even when that spotlight is blacklit and dim – whilst patiently parcel out their releases, with a sparse-yet-solid discography to date. Sielunvihollinen – their second album, released to critical acclaim in 2012 – furthered the idiosyncratic Förgjord aesthetic, but now with Uhripuu, they’ve triumphed yet again with a scabrous ‘n’ unorthodox journey into black metal’s most rotten depths. But for however malodorous their melodicism is, it is precisely that – meldodicism – which makes Förgjord so bewitching, the way oddly hummable passages push past the ripped-raw soundfield and create a wild, entrancing disconnect.

The first two singles, “Kiviseen Syleilynn” and Uhripuu‘s title track, can be heard exclusively HERE at Werewolf‘s Bandcamp, where the album can also be preordered.

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

FÖRGJORD - Uhripuu
FÖRGJORD – Uhripuu

Tracklisting for Förgjord’s Uhripuu
1. Johdanto
2. Uhripuu
3. Kuolleiden Yö
4. Täyttymys
5. Vahvempi Kuin Koskaan
6. Nälkämaan Laulu
7. Kiviseen Syleilyyn
8. Tie, Totuus Ja Kuolema
9. Ovat Korpit Pois Lentäneet