Foreigner / Europe / FM @ Glasgow Clyde Auditorium

Review & Photos by Gavin Lowrey – 5th April 2014

Doing battle against Justin Timberlake’s “show”  at the Hydro in the next door Clyde Auditorium on Saturday was the AOR trio of Foreigner, Europe and FM on their trek through the UK.
Its nice to see tours not ignoring Scotland as contrary to popular belief, we are not independent yet, do not live on deep fried Mars Bars, and do not eat people from other countries

The Acoustically excellent venue does justice to FM’s songs including the stand out “That Girl” with vocalist Steve Overland proving that he’s still got it, its just a pity that the venue was probably only half full during their set

FM Setlist

Tough Love
I Belong to the Night
Don’t Stop
That Girl
Crosstown Train
Burning my Heart Down

There was a danger that Europe, with frontman Joey Tempest’s liveliness and showmanship could have made Foreigner’s set a case of “After the Lord Mayor’s show” as happened with Whitesnake/Journey last year, and They started off in fine form with “Riches to Rags” with Joey playing up to the crowd and taking microphone twirling to olympic level

Drummer Ian Haugland’s drum pounding and the energy of  Bassist John Leven provide an excellent rhythm section that powered into “Firebox”, before John Norum’s took overplaying the opening chords to crowd favourite “Superstitious”

Slowing things down with “A new Love in Town” gives the audience a chance to catch it’s breath before launching into a supercharged version of “Scream of Vengeance” the lighter “Sign of The Times”, “Carrie” & “Cherokee”


The final three tracks are “Rock The Night”, “Last Look at Eden” and the traditional “Final Countdown” which brings the house down as always

Their music has evolved over the years and is far heavier than it was, and this has lead them to develop a new more youthful fan base which is hungry for a new album

For those who think that Europe are a one song band or play light wishy washy music, think again, as this set was a premier example of music & showmanship, and if you were a Martian who had landed on earth and asked for a definition of “Rock Music” this was it


Riches to Rags
New Love in Town
Scream of Anger
Sign Of the Times
Rock the Night
Last Look at Eden
The Final Countdown

Headliners Foreigner hit the stage with “Double Vision” instantly dispelling the fears that they could be upstaged by their Swedish counterparts and then eased into “Head Games” and “Cold As Ice”, but one question remained, Where was Mick Jones?

He strode casually out for the start of “Waiting for a Girl Like You” when introduced by front man Kelly Hansen who had just earlier asked people to get up to the front & party, much to displeasure of the mostly ageing Security who didn’t fancy the scrum that followed.

Hansen then decided to cheekily take the piss out of those in the front row seats who wouldn’t get up as they were “too old” or being “weighed down by their Wallets” for which the aforementioned individuals took in the light hearted way it was meant

Not content with that he then picked up a photographers camera and started taking pictures, including his own crotch!


Despite being in his 70th Year, Mick Jones delivers a sound from his guitar that defies his age and gets a warm round of applause when he thanks the audience for turning out on the night, he also mentioned that he has been recently inducted into the songwriters Hall of Fame as casually as if he was mentioning going to the bar for a round of drinks, showing the humility of the man

Rocking through “Feels like the First Time” in which Kelly Hansen decided to go for a walk across the venue seats to get people to stand up & join in, and “That was Yesterday” really brought the show alive, at which point the Multi Instrumental Tom Gimbel grabbed a flute to play the intro to “Starrider” in which he and ex Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson really shone with their tremendous harmonies


The anthem “Urgent’ was next and lead into the combined Keyboard & Drum Solos from Michael Bluestein & Chris Frazier respectively, Frazier even going the whole hog and dowsing his drums in water to go for the full blown 80’s look!

Tom Gimbel now showed off even more versitility by playing the sax with gusto “Juke Box Hero” which brought the curtain down, before encores of “Long, Long Way From Home”, perennial favourite  “I Wanna Know what Love is” (Including the Scottish Police Quire) and “Hot Blooded” closed the show

The audience had lapped up every minute of this performance of some of the best AOR songs ever written and showed that Foreigner are not gone yet and are ready for more!