Foetal Juice – Masters Of Absurdity

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Grindscene Records
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Released: 2016
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Foetal Juice Masters Of Absurdity

Band Line-up:

Ryan Whittaker – Guitars,
Robert Harris – Drums,
Sam Read – Vocals,
Ben Read – Bass.

Track Listing:

1. Dutch Oven
2. Phantom Visions
3. Noneckahedron
4. The Leachate King
5. Brutal Tooth
6. Gin’ll Fix It
7. Grave Denied
8. Booze Locust
9. Nun So Vile
10. More Hate, More Hell


Why does death metal always have to be so deadly serious? Why can’t a bunch of musicians get together, make an unholy racket of furious, old-school-tinged death metal yet have a laugh at the same time? Where in the death metal rule book does it say that it all must be gurning blasts of murder, blood, guts and gore?

Enter FOETAL JUICE: Manchester’s men of mirth and musical murder. With song titles such as “Dutch Oven”, “Noneckahedron” and “Gin’ll Fix It”, one can expect a little titter every now and again, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that this debut album would be something of a novelty. As much as we all know and love STEEL PANTHER, their lyrical content carries a rather novel appeal (as well as the obscene crudity of it all). Yet FOETAL JUICE toe the same line as their glam metal brethren in making the music so well that it is as teeth-gnashingly gory as their more straight-faced peers. However, there’s a degree more subtlety to their humour as opposed to the former’s more lewd leanings, which almost gives a slight air of sophistication about proceedings.

But what of the music itself? Well, as previously mentioned, it’s a tour-de-force of skin-shredding death metal with more than a hint of the old-school production about it. “Dutch Oven” bursts into life in a hail of frenetic riffage and guttural growls, whilst “Grave Denied” burns a little slower with an nod towards the groovier end of the spectrum. The skin-flaying doesn’t let up at any point throughout the album’s concise thirty-five-minute length and that seems to highlight a finer quality to the album – focus.

Too often, death metal albums are a flurry of ideas that quite often overstay their welcome. Those of a progressive leaning will attest to lengthy songs being more interesting, but where they can fall down is their overwrought nature. FOETAL JUICE do not have that problem here; whilst the album isn’t pushing any boundaries, it retains a solid sense of purpose and focus about the show.

It’s been long-awaited, but “Masters Of Absurdity” sees the glorious culmination of a lengthy gestation period. The album will appease the purveyors of punishing death metal whilst tickling their ribs in the same fell swoop and it’s made all the more joyful because of it. When was the last time you had fun whilst listening to an album? Because you will with this. “Masters Of Absurdity”? More like “Masters Of Hilarity” (play-on-title joke, swing and miss…)

Review by: Lee Carter