Foetal Juice – Big Trouble In Little Vagina by Ryan Spearman

Rating: 4/5    
Distributor/label: Grindscene Records
Released: Oct 2013
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[ALBUM] [Ryan Spearman] Foetal Juice - Big Trouble In Little Vagina

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1) Big Trouble In Little Vagina
2) Brewkakke
3) Semen Evil, Smear No Evil
4) Serpents Of The Northern     Lights
5) Service Station Masturbation




Say Manchester, and people will usually think of the same thing, either football or brit pop. But another thing has been stirring in the city’s seedy underbelly, something grotesque, something which goes by the name of Foetal Juice. Conceived in 2005, in a midst of slime and excrement, they’ve spewed forth a handful of demos since then, and following up from their 2007 release DONNA KABABY, Foetal Juice return with BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE VAGINA. A word of warning, those of a nervous disposition need not listen, as this isn’t for the faint of heart.

Straight off the bat, they’ll have your attention, be it good or bad. There’s a distinct back to basics approach to their music, with early 90’s guitar tones, a deep, guttural vocal delivery, and extreme lyrical imagery, yet the music is intricate, technical and as tight as gnats lady parts. SEMEN EVIL,SMEAR NO EVIL is the song which shows off said treats, and is so heavy, it makes you want to punch through walls, and break bottles with your teeth.

This is a very solid EP, graphic of course, but what do you expect with song titles like BREWKAKKE or SERVICE STATION MASTERBATION. Never the less, if your tastes are for the more extreme, and gory, side of life, then this comes highly recommended. If He Man liked death metal, then he would be screaming “By The Power Of Greyskull”, as Big Trouble is earth shatteringly heavy, so heavy, you can feel the brutality all the way in Eternia.

Review by Ryan Spearman