Progressive sludge three-piece Flummox are set to release their latest album Selcouth in early 2016. After the genre-defying Phlummoxygen (2015), Selcouth is sure to be another memorable release. The band defy traditions even within a genre as obscure and exciting as sludge metal. The band’s ability to merge technicality with the absolutely outrageous has left eager, excited and perplexed ears waiting for this next release. 



The Tennessee outfit merge a traditionally Southern sound with an avant-garde sludge infused with Zappa-esque tendencies. This is not just flummoxing for the fun of it; the band are infectious, technically gifted and full of rhythm. Flummox is a well-selected band name and in listening to Selcouth you can expect disharmony, you can expect to be confused and you should expect a pronounced Tennessee drawl.

Flummox officially tell the music world to expect the unexpected with this next release and will continue to surprise, shock and weird people out. Not afraid to show some personality with vocal outbursts and heavy riffing, the trio have the ability to pull in lovers of all genres ranging from sludge to experimental, jazz and funk.

Each song on Selcouth is a sure-fire attempt to defy tradition and pull in inspiration from their eclectic set of influences including Black Sabbath, Frank Zappa, Opeth and King Crimson. Being fearlessly weird is a foolproof way of getting attention, and Flummox are sure to have everybody listening.

Flummox Band


The birth of Flummox came from an insatiable need to create music without restraints and limits. Blake Dellinger and Drew Jones came together after feeling unsatisfied with bands that limited their musical endeavors. Their first three track EPThe MindrapE.P. was released in 2012 with drummer Matt Rose and solidified the band’s status as a force to be reckoned with within the Tennessean music scene. By the end of 2012, they had played nearly 20 shows and cemented the band’s playful energy with various incarnations and stage antics.

In late 2013, Flummox recorded their first album, Phlummoxygen, with engineer Dave Summers in his Tullahoma, Tennessee home studio. In early 2014 after the album was finished, Flummox signed it with Tridroid records who gave the album a March 2015 CD/Cassette release.

Currently, the Flummox trio consists of Dellinger, Jones, & Jody Lester as the singing drummer. The band’s new album is due in winter of 2016

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