Flesh World – Like We’re Equal Again by Katherine Tullett

Rating: 3/5    
Distributor/label: Uniquet Records
Buy Album: www.fleshworldpl.bandcamp.com
Released: 2013
Band URL: www.facebook.com/fleshworld

[ALBUM] [Katherine Tullet] Flesh World - Like We’re Equal AgainBand line-up:

Mateusz Szczurek – guitars, synths
Łukasz Klamiński – bass
Kuba Leszko – guitars
Szymon Łuczyński – drums
Tytus Kalicki – vocals


1. Like we’re all equal again
2. Hereinafter
3. The Chant of Many Voices
4. Dust Eater
5. The Collapse
6. The Infinite


Bringing, as always, great metal from the depths of Poland, Flesh World have been on a long, elovautionary journey to get themselves into the music world. Now, that journey has been made available to use with their debut album ‘Like We’re All Equal’. Perfectly detailing the journey of any emerging band, the album uses the calmer elements of post rock, contrasted with dirt, sludge and heavy, heavy guitar work.

Starting with their title track, in ‘Like We’re All Equal Again’, the main themes of war are evident. Radio broadcasting and static noises are a haunting start to this journey. An incredibly mellow track, featuring some chilling and emotional snyths that leave you wondering what’s coming next. Even the emotion of the album is questionable here as it conveys signs of sadness, but also hope.

‘Hereinafter’, once more embraces the bands more progressive qualities but also incorporates some heavier guitar work. An epic, yet subtle drum line and poignant heavy bass accompanies this track right from the start and it’s velar to see everyone has an equal part to play. This is the first time we hear the vocalist of the band. Brutal and controlled, his gritty style fits perfectly with the haunting melodies that bring the track together.

Another gentle start, sticking with the progressive styles that can be seen throughout the djent, progressive and tech metal scenes alike. The delay and timing of this track, despite sticking to their progressive theme, shows a very different side of the band. However, this song goes through many transformations, and each member has their chance to shine. By the end of ‘Chant Of Many Voices’, this band has truly shown their range of skills and the power that comes with them.

‘Dust Eater’ is the first track to smack you right in the face! Gritty, angry vocals are accompanied by grooving guitar riffs that make you think twice about the ambient feel of this band! Yet as before, this sog doesn’t stick with one genre and, like the full album, this song alone tells a story, and you accompany the band on a journey through various emotions and styles.

One of the slower tracks of the album ‘The Collapse’ is what it says on the tin. Throughout the various styles you, there is an underlying feeling of despair, but that’s not to say there isn’t fight in these guys! This track as just as ballsy as the rest!

‘The Infinite’ finishes the album perfectly, once again, bringing all the genres used together for the last time. Harmonies, melodies and reverb help give this track an ethereal feel and it just really gives a sense of hope for the end of the album. These guys will be back, and you know it!

Personally, the only issue I had with the album was that the vocals didn’t seem to play a big enough role in the album. However, bearing in mind the bands progressive influences, this doesn’t hinder the sound or enjoy-ability of the album at all. In fact, it’s quite nice to be able to hear the other musicians having their place on the album. Just a TEENY bit more!