Flame to Fire

In the words of Blind Date, ‘Who are ya, and where do you come from?’
I am Matt and I come from Flame to Fire.

We hear the members of Flame To Fire are from all corners of the world, and all walks of life. How does that affect the music?
As a three piece we all handle different parts of running the band. We’re releasing the album through our own label which is great for the music as we have complete control over it. On a day to day basis it means that I can be mixing tracks whilst Steve is finishing vocals on other songs and G is arranging strings so it makes us fairly productive.

Why are you called Flame to Fire? Do you particularly like fire?
If you listen to the lyrical content of our songs I’d like to think there’s enough in there to make people think and to take those ideas and run with them. I wouldn’t refer to us as an actively political band but you can definitely make out a few of our frustrations and outlook on certain topics. And yes we like fire, we’re boys.

Word on the street is you guys are off on tour soon. That’s gonna be expensive in the current economic climate. Any credit crunch busting tips?
If people are getting fed up with current state of affairs then what better than music to take your mind of it. It may be making life difficult but you still have to enjoy yourself else it’s pointless.

Describe your sound.
Mad guitar, gnarly bass and hard hitting drums (I’ve never seen a drummer hit his kit like G).

Flame to Fire
Flame to Fire

Daddy or chips?
Let me think about it…

Where can we get your music from?
We’re putting the finishing touches to our album right now. It will be available on all the major download sites including iTunes and we’re doing a limited run of albums which will be available from the tours. We are going to take our time to find the right people to work with, with regards to distribution etc but have a few in mind already.

So what next for Flame To Fire?
We’ll be doing the first video for “Succumb” which we have available as a free download from our Reverb Nation page. We have Jamie from Reuben on board to direct the video and we’re just sorting out the details at the moment. After that we plan on touring the UK, followed by some dates in Europe.

Any upcoming gigs you want to tell us about?
We have been doing a few acoustic shows for fun whilst we finish the album. The next one is at the Boileroom in Guildford on Feb 6 with Spotlight Cannibal.