Fixions – Genocity

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Oracle Rouge Productions
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Released: 2017
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1. Crimeware
2. Black Chrome Riot
3. Edgerunners
4. Striker 18
5. Terrorwave
6. Under the Crystal Shroud
7. Crimson Mutation
8. We are Ghouls
9. Night Streets Receivers
10 .Datadreams Corporation
11. Webclaw
12. Soul Injection
13. Deathdealers
14. Nanoknives Veins Intrusion
15. Third Eye Implant
16. Paranoid Vigilante


Cyberpunk/dark-wave project, Fixions began in 2012, inspired by movies like ‘Blade Runner’. They were conceived by Slo of Smohalla and HKY of Alien Syndrome 777, meaning double the creativity. In theory. They have produced three full-length albums, a video game soundtrack for Mother Russia Bleeds, and many EPs. This evidently prolific duo are becoming leaders of their genre’s scene, which isn’t surprising. With their latest work ‘Genocity’, featuring perhaps their most extreme material yet, they are sure to continue their success.

Not only is Genocity very cleverly written (you won’t hear a single note that isn’t well thought out), it is also a lot of fun. Just because everything is intelligent, it doesn’t mean you can’t have thudding, animalistic grooves. With this group, you really do get the best of both worlds, which is a huge achievement, in itself. All individual pieces are their own little world, and there is almost nonstop variety when listening to them. Not all compositions here are as complicated as the others, but this doesn’t matter at all. When you hear writing that is more simple, you don’t feel disappointed, but rather that you have been given a needed break. This album oozes with taste.

A notable feature of this music, is its absence of lyrics. Instrumentals can often cause a kind of ‘lonely’ atmosphere, but that mood can’t be found here, in such excitement and intrigue. Lyrics probably wouldn’t fit in with the band, anyway, as their produce is already quite busy. In fact, after every listen to their stuff, you will probably find something you never knew was there, in the first place. This work is both wonderfully in-your-face and subtle at the same time.

This music isn’t perfect, though. There are too many occasions where the melodies are rhythmically little more than a constant stream of notes, with little gaps in-between. Some more syncopation would be appreciated. Furthermore, having samples in music is fine, but in the case of ‘Genocity’ they seem to come and go at random, so their usage doesn’t make total sense. The biggest weaknesses of Fixions’s material, are the conclusions, however. They kind of just fizzle out. This almost gives the impression that this is a taster album, rather than one that is completed.

As much as I wanted to give a 4.5/5, I’m afraid that the endings spoil the experience too much for me to do so. If I could, I would give this 8.5/10…. But hang on… In maths you round up to the higher number, don’t you? That would be 9/10. And that IS 4.5/5. Ok, you get your higher score. Just. Would I recommend this album to fans of electronica? Of course I would. But only if they are reasonably cultured people. This is far from mindless drum and bass.

Review by Simon the Mighty