Five Minutes with Liam Cormier, by Melanie Brehaut

Five Minutes with Liam Cormier, of the Cancer Bats

The Cancer Bats are –
Scott Middleton (Guitar)
Liam Cormier (Vocals)
Mike Peters (Drums)
Jaye R. Schwarzer (Bass)

While at the gig tonight, we managed to have a quick catch-up with
Cancer Bats vocalist Liam Cormier..

Hey Liam, have you seen much of Belfast since you arrived?
Not much unfortunately! We managed to have a look around town and at the Courthouse, (City Hall), as well as going to Wagamamma’s for food!

What were your impressions prior to coming up here?
We love coming to Belfast and always make a point of coming despite the cost. We were here in 2007 with Gallows and it was probably the best show of the tour!
It’s a shame not many bands never come here, especially as when we do it’s very exciting, but I suggest we talk to the ferry company about their prices!

Any new Cancer Bats music on the horizon?
Once we’ve all gone home after this tour and have time to jam in the summer, ride motorbikes and find stuff to write about, I’m sure we will start creating something soon!

What’s next for you guys on this tour?
Next up is Bath, then Romania, then Greece, followed by Download, where we are playing the main stage on the Sunday!

Will there be any sneaky ‘Axewound action’ at DL?
(Cormier’s side gig with Matt Tuck from Bullet for my Valentine, among others)
Regretfully that isn’t possible, as we are all playing different days! (Bullet play on the Friday).

On the subject of Axewound, will more music becoming soon?
I hope so! It’s just when we can all get together really!
There is a link with this tour and Axewound as our Hoax bassist Joe Copcutt, is also a member, so it’s all a matter or timing!

Well thanks for your time and I will leave you to enjoy the rest of the gig tonight!
Thanks and no problem!