This Friday 13th June, the first music video (and title track) from the new TERMINATRYX studio album “Shadow” will be unveiled.

Entering its 12th year, “Shadow” is this unique South African female-fronted Industrial-Metal band’s 5th release (following the self-titled debut; it’s full remixed version – “Remyx v1.0”; the “Terminatryx / Nosferatu” DVD, feat. the classic silent vampire film with their new soundtrack; On each album Terminatryx includes an Afrikaans song (which is similar to Dutch) and they spearheaded a (historic) compilation album focussing on heavy bands singing in the Afrikaans language, titled “Kopskoot!” (translated: “Headshot!”)

Terminatryx “Shadow” was co-produced by Terminatryx co-founder Paul Blom (also of V.O.D) and the reputed SAMA-winner Theo Crous.  With the band’s evolution in their song writing and sonic expansion (with more analog infiltration), it sets a new bar for local Alternative bands to match, and takes the listener through peaks and valleys of energy, emotion and impact.  


The new “Shadow” album (and previous releases) are available on CD & download (at BandcampiTunesCD BabyAmazon mp3 & others). Terminatryx - Shadow Cover

Always paying as much attention to the visual as audio aspects in their art (from cover design and photographic collaborations with Dr-Benway, to live performance and music videos), Terminatryx follows in the exciting cinematically slanted chiller / horror tradition they established with their previous videos (some of which have screened at international film festivals and won awards).  

They always have a first hand in these productions and for the “Shadow” video, vocalist Sonja Ruppersberg makes her directorial debut alongside Paul Blom (who helmed their previous videos solo), and created a lusciously surreal / dark mood based around a seance scene, off-set with fluid band performances – and the inevitable pay-off… All in glorious black & white! 

Friday 13 June the “Shadow” music video will be unleashed at the band’s official YouTube channel – Direct link:

(This first single on our human duality and capacity for good and evil is a mood-laden piece with some Gothic leanings, and can be downloaded for free at the band’s Soundcloud page –

All the band’s music videos (incl. themes of vampires, werewolves, voyeurism, paranormal moods & live clips) can also be accessed at There will be nothing unlucky about this Friday 13th!

Sonja - TERMINATRYX vocalist Copyright - Dr Benway
Sonja – TERMINATRYX vocalist © Dr Benway

[More videos are in production, and Terminatryx will close the night at Metal 4 Africa’s premium event, Winterfest 2014 (2 August) & is confirmed to perform alongside Septic Flesh, Belphegor, Voice Of Destruction and Fleshgod Apocalypse at Witchfest (April 2015).