Film & TV Artefacts Exhibition at Vue Westfield, London

Words & Photography by Claudia Bauch & Steve Salmon

Exhibition runs from 1st – 15th October 2014 / Auction takes place on the 16th October 2014
From the 1st – 15th of October, Vue Westfield offers the unique possibility to view lots of props and artifacts from well-known movies and TV programs.

We arrived at Shepherds Bush just after 1pm and made our way to the Vue Cinema on the 3rd floor in the shopping centre. Once we arrived on the “Loft floor”, we began to view all the different props on display.

The visitors could admire crew jackets and props from the movie Star Wars, the aluminium chair, designed by H.R. Giger, used in the iconic movie Dune, the hover-board, used by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future, outfits and weapons from Terminator 2 and Terminator Salvation, props, suits and models from the movies Alien, Aliens and Prometheus.

There were also further props and artefacts from the movies, Hellboy, Minority Report, The 5th Element, Black Hole, James Bond, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, The Last Samurai, The Army of Darkness, Gremlins and many more on display.

This exhibition is a MUST for every movie fan and if you have the luck and have some spare cash to spend, you can register for the live auction on the 16th of October!