Fell Ruin – Devices

Rated 2.5/5
Black/ Doom Metal
Distributor/label: Independent
Released: 2015
Buy Album [URL]: fellruin.bandcamp.com
Band Website: www.fellruin.com

 1111111Band line-up:

Jeff McMullen: Bass
Rob Radtke: Guitar
August Krueger: Drums
Brian Sheehan: Vocals

Track listings:

1.The Climb
2.The Accord
3.The Hundr
4.The Turn


If you like aggressive growling this is the album for you!
I personally found it improved with increased levels of alcohol consumption, because the feelings the majority of album provoked were somewhat similar to having a house full of children all on a sugar rush in destruction mode.

Though I may be being harsh because I was somewhat disheartened that The Hundr was under a minuet long and it had the potential to be the calm after the storm, this track was beautifully haunting, it is a shame it felt so unfinished.

Review by Anita Lyons