Fallen Fate at The Underworld, Camden

13th September 2013
Review by by Becky Brown

Influenced by early Thrash Metal along with the New Wave of American Metal, Fallen Fate deliver a mix of Speed and Heavy Technical Riffs to create a contemporary but unique brand of Metal. Starting out in 2005, the boys of Fallen fate have been writing, gigging, and building up a strong fan base, making a name for themselves. In 2008 the boys worked on their first EP ‘Revengance’ which was a hit in the metal world, showing us something new and exciting. They pushed their way up by playing at Download festival 2010, and was shortlisted with 3 other bands to open up Damnation festival. In 2011 they Released the Deubt Album “The Virus Has Spread’.

Walking in the Underworld I did not know what to expect, the venue was small and Compact. You are welcomed with a small standing area and a bar with a minimum amount of seating area, Walking downstairs into the venue I could already hear ‘ Hell-bent and Hammered’ waking up the dark venue with some upbeat heavy tracks. These guys knew how to get the crowd going although there wasn’t much of a crowd but they still managed to get them ready for the main head liner, Fallen Fate, With the drinks flowing and with good company at hand, I could not wait to see what the Fallen fate boys had to offer.

Fallen fate, welcomed us with a mellow ambient intro, suddenly waking us up to their first track’ blackened within’ showing us some hard riffs and the loud impact crashing of the drum beat. They managed to keep a thrashier side of metal-core going.

With maybe a maximum of 20 people, they carried on with brave faces ignoring the lack of crowd and carried on with their set, blowing up the venue with tracks such as ‘ Until the final Hour’ and ‘into the black’ getting the crowd pumped and head banging in-tune with the band members.
The lead singer expressed his appreciation for the Few fans that stayed to support them and continued with their show.

You could tell that they boys were really into it, playing perfectly entwined with each other and expressing their love for performing with the look of contentment on their faces, but as the gig went on the crowd only got smaller, with people showing more interest in the bar than the band themselves, this clearly annoyed the band members, as they only thanked the few that bothered to stay.

Blackened within
Until the final hour
Into the black
I welcome the dead
Last rites
Origin of sin