Fall Of Carthage – The Longed-For Reckoning

Rating: 1.5/5
Distributor/label: MDD Records
Distributor/label URL: http://mdd-records.de/
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: http://mdd-records.de/
Band Website: https://fallofcarthage.com/


Band line-up:

Sascha Aßbach – vocals
Arkadius Antonik – guitar
Martin Buchwalter – drums


1. Fast Forward
2. Dust And Dirt
3. Sick Intentions
4. They’re Alive
5. Swept To The Edge
6. Complete
7. For The Soul To Save
8. Whodini Peckawood
9. Suffer The Pain
10. Down Like Honey
11. Tapeworms
12. Paint It White
13. Bury The Crisis
14. Puerile Scumbag
15. Turning Point
16. Black Decembed


“With their second album, “The Longed-For Reckoning”, FALL OF CARTHAGE prove their intentions are serious.”
Let me be clear from the outset – this is either irony or just plain wrong.

“Their sound can be described somewhere between groove metal, hardcore and rap without having the feeling of simply throwing sounds together.”

Now, I’m not a massive fan of rap or hip-hop in general, nor would I ever deign to write a review on an album of it. But I like to think I know when it’s good.

This album starts off with some really well produced metal. It’s pretty mainstream, but it’s not bad. ‘Sick Intentions’ is a particular highlight. Then it gets bad, like, really quite bad. ‘Whodini Peckawood’ genuinely sounds like your dad, who’s in a dad rock cover band, had his first foray into gangsta rap. I don’t often describe music as objectively bad, but this, and all the other rapping on the album are actively shit. A part of me hates writing this, as I think that all artistic endeavours should be applauded, but seriously guys, what were you thinking?

Anyway, it gets the mark it does for what they did right, but hopefully the next release they’re going to go another direction.

Review by Bob Davidson