Fall Against Fate – If Not For Ourselves by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Rating: 3/5

To quote Shakespeare, and now Fall Against Fate, all the world’s a stage. In that case are Fall Against Fate merely players?

Perhaps, you might say – there are many participants in this type of technical metal movement, each with their own varying degrees of success. Certainly, If Not For Ourselves appears to have been constructed by a band that are looking to the future, and how to position themselves firmly within it. This is not surprising given the obstacles this Hertfordshire band have smashed through in the last year, beginning and ending with an internal shakeup since the release of their first EP Signals.

At 40 seconds long ‘Inauguration’ is a somewhat deceptively mellow introduction to Fall Against Fate, with the band’s true darker colours becoming apparent on first full track ‘All The Worlds A Stage’. Whilst the lyrics aren’t quite Shakespeare, the track does show a knack for work-horse rhythms and fingertip-whitening technicality. The stuttering intro to ‘Le Corps’ ushers in one of the strongest tracks on the album, alongside ‘Waters of Asteria’ which sees a similar technique layered with solid but catchy riffs.

A little more vocal variety would be nice – something Fall Against Fate have already proven they can do on the track ‘So Real’ which guests vocals from Arthur Walwin from Paige, and as a whole the EP plays to the same strengths but ones that Fall Against Fate have honed to needle-sharp clarity.

Whether it’s enough to burst the barriers to wider recognition remains to be seen, as Fall Against Fate have just experienced another unfortunate twist in their own destiny with the departure of vocalist Ross Armson. Yet, with the band already looking for a new singer, it seems Fall Against Fate aren’t heading for stage exit yet.

In the meantime, If Not For Ourselves is free to download from the band’s website. And what’s not to like about that?