Faith No More @ Tel Aviv, Isreal Review by Dj Rex

One of the greatest live shows I think I have ever seen…maybe it was the fact I was on holiday… maybe it was the fact I’d spent the day in Jerusalem or maybe it was a lot of things. But I really believe that it was mostly due to the fact it really was just a great gig, as well as a great moment in Rock n Roll history.
This moment was Faith No More in Tel Aviv, on the last date of their 1st tour in many years, this was their reform tour after a very public fall out and many people thought this would never happen!!

Now I can hear some of the cynics shouting its not Faith No More, theres no Jim Martin on guitar and where that might have been their classic era, he wasnt even the original guitarist. That honour belongs to a man called Mark Bowen, in fact Mike Patton wasnt even the original vocalist, a very charismatic individual called Chuck Mosley had that role.

Mike Patton only joined in 1988, originally they were even call Faith no Man, so lets get over the its only Mike and Roddy with a backing band rants shall we, this definitely was Faith No More and it definitely rocked harder than a lot of gigs Ive seen.


Kicking off the show with their now classic opening, the cover of Re-United, but somehow it was much more camp than the time they did it at Download, then almost without taking a breath, they launched straight into From out of Nowhere and the crowd in Tel Aviv went crazy. From then on it was relentless classic after relentless classic, with a set list as follows Be Aggressive, Caffeine, Surprise! You’re Dead! (that one made everyone shout loud), Last Cup of Sorrow and Cuckoo for Caca calmed everyone down a little, then Easy seemed to give everyone a well deserved break. A break they didn’t realise they were gonna need to cope with Midlife Crisis and Epic, the Bee Gees cover of I Started a Joke was just comical and very Faith No More. Other classic moments included Stripsearch being blended up with the theme from Chariots Of Fire, and Midnight Cowboy was as awesome as ever!!


I wish there was more I could say, but all I have to say is It was one of the best gigs of my life and an incredible memory I will cherish for a long long time!!