Faintest Hope – …While There’s Life by Beth Avison

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: 2013
Buy Album: http://www.faintesthope.com/merch.html
Band Website: http://www.faintesthope.com/home.html

Faintest Hope
Band Line-Up:

Miho Morisaki – Vocals/Bass
Haruhiko Shimazu – Guitars
Shogo Maeda – Guitars
Masahiko Inoue – Drums




1. Revolver
2. On my Deathbed
3. Rewind
4. In Our Blood
5. Away With War
6. Blind Faith
7. My Remaining Days
8. Your Day Breaks
9. Unwanted
10. A Bed of Honour


Faintest Hope are a four-piece melodic death metal band who have been spat out of the bowels of Tokyo, Japan as recently as last year. Despite their young age, the band are doing well at establishing their sound whilst taking influence from Arch Enemy and old In Flames. There’s a pretty big whiff of metalcore in there as well, with a few Trivium-inspired moments doing their bit to keep the new schoolers happy.

As you may have guessed from the Arch Enemy comparison, Faintest Hope are female-fronted. Obviously people are going to have differing opinions on this but Miho Morisaki is a more than competent frontwoman who channels Angela Gossow both in the vocals and attitude departments. Her guttural barking provides an accompaniment to the band’s technically proficient if not predictable music.

For a debut this isn’t bad. The drums need to be louder and the bass needs to be fleshed out a bit to create a meatier sound but this is something that can be worked upon. There are plenty of catchy moments here interspersed with electronic bleepings to keep you moving in your seat. “Revolver” even starts with a DSBM-inspired riff before breaking into typical melodeath chuggery. “Rewind”, “My Remaining Days” and “A Bed of Honour” provide guitar work that’ll stick around in your brain for an hour or two after you stop listening. The ideas are there but they need to be developed before the band produce anything truly impressive.

Minus points for the blatant rip-off of The Black Dahlia Murder’s logo on the cover though. The fact that the artwork is also similar to what the latter use made me do a double take when I first saw this. Faintest Hope need to find their own identity if they hope to make it as they can’t coast off others forever.