‘Expect No Mercy’ – Nazareth, by Sarah Clow

‘Expect No Mercy’ – Nazareth: A and M Records: 1977, by Sarah Clow.
Another classic rock band I want to include this month are Nazareth, with the ‘Expect No Mercy’ album.
This artwork, created by Frank Frazetta, is a perfect image for the title of the album, as it literally shows a prime example of the term at hand. The terminology of the painting fits perfectly and is done very effectively. The colours are very subtle and effective also. I find that the warriors are not centre of attention as the brain stands out more, despite being in the background.
As you know this is yet another rewritten entry from my A to Z coursework form college and as such, I was able to get some info on the covers background, I managed to email the Nazareth website asking for any background info on the choice of cover, I was thrilled to pieces to hear from Pete Agnew!
He told me the story behind the discovery of the painting, that when they were recording the album, “there was a calendar in the studio and we were flicking through it and came across ‘The Brain’ picture,” telling me of how “it seemed to fit perfectly because the guy on his knees is obviously being given ‘no mercy’ by the demon character.”
However, in order to be able to use the image, the band needed permission from the artist, so they phoned Frazetta to get permission. Apparently it was Frazetta’s wife who answered but she spoke to him away from the line and came back with the verdict. “That was it, one of the most famous artists in the world just said ‘ok’.”
Frank Frazetta’s work has also graced many movie posters and comics since the early 1950’s, as well as a couple of Molly Hatchet albums, and Wolfmother’s debut album.