ExistImmortal, interview, by Katherine Tullett

ExistImmortal Interview, With Meyrick de la Fuente -Vocals,

Early in to 2013 and with a new album looming on the horizon, there is no stopping progressive sensation ExistImmortal. Already their second show of the year and raring to go, the quintuplet were more than happy to sit down and have a quick drink, or two, before the onslaught of their Bromley based show!

How are you feeling about tonight (GameOver)?
Excited! It’s our drummer’s hometown, so there will be plenty of friends of ours out. Looks like it’s going to be a busy show!

Pumped to play another show as this is only the second of the year?
Of course, we love playing shows. Our first show of the year was fantastic, and we have just been getting into the swing of album pre-release stuff, which has been taking up a lot of time.

Is it nice to get back to gigging? Did you miss it at all?
As always! We always do, being on tour in particular.

This is a relatively small show for you – have you ever played this part of London before? Do you like small and intimate venues?
Perhaps, but Devil Sold His Soul played here only a few weeks before us, which are one of my personal favourites (Meyrick), so we feel quite honoured to be playing the same stage as they did only recently! We do love smaller venues. The atmosphere is always more intense, particularly as you can see and hear people’s individual reactions which is always a bonus, particularly when they are singing our stuff back at us!
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How does the response differ from larger events?
It’s more intense. You feel more connected with the audience, which is a bit of a cliche but it is true. At larger shows there is very much a sense of us (the band) and them (the audience), which is cool but not as fun really.

You released ‘The Fracture’ on Facebook, was it well received?
Yes it has! It is quite different from our previous single, Exist, which has railed in the support from the heavier end of the spectrum, which is nice!

‘Dream Sequence’ is also due to come out this year, Are you excited/relieved?
Both really. Relieved in the sense that it’s finally about to be out there for people to hear. Not being able to show everyone has been frustrating!

How long were you writing/recording for?
Some of the songs have been around for a couple of years, and some were written in the studio together. Writing for a couple of years I suppose, and recording for a month on and off I’d say! We didn’t have the luxury of being able to sit down for a week in a row and do it all in one go. But, because of this combination of reworked older material and newer songs, it feels like the first proper musical statement we have made as a band.

Did you have fun recording and rehearsing? Any particularly memorable moments? Who has the worse/most gross habits? Can we expect to hear any of your new material at all tonight?
Always! We tend to take a light hearted approach to everything we do, which is so important if you want to survive in horrible touring conditions!
There are so many it’s difficult to list them all. One that stands out is when we finally finished the final track on Dream Sequence, which was the most collectively written track on the record, and listened to it back. That was pretty awesome. Once you hear the album you will see what I mean 😉
As far as worst habits go, I’d have to say Fergus ;). But no, seriously, we all do our fair share of vile things, but this is to be expected of such depraved human beings! 😉
We will be playing all the tracks from ‘Dream Sequence’ tonight.

Did you enjoy making your music video?
It was an enjoyable experience yes. Physically knackering also. Particularly when you have to listen to the song over and over again and consistently try to put 100% into every take…

Anything else planned for 2013?
Plenty! Lots of touring. Tour tour tour…

Any big names planned for upcoming tours?
Not much that we can say right now I’m afraid! Apart from a mini-tour in March with our good friends in Mask of Judas!

Any last words before tonight onslaught?
Enjoy! Show us what you’ve got, Bromley…

(Later) How was the show for you? There was a lot of response from the crowd, did this aid your performance at all? Was it nice to have people singing along?
That was amazing. The turnout was sick, and the response from the crowd definitely helped to lift us!
People singing back, huge pits, walls of death, everything happened tonight. It was awesome to see that the hard work wehave put into these songs is paying off, with people shouting and singing back our songs at us, particularly with the singles! Even to songs we haven’t released yet, which is even more strange/awesome…

Photography by Katherine Tullett