Evoca – Val d’Inverno

Rating: 3.5

Distributor/label: None
Released: 22nd September 2016
Buy Album : Paypal donations: http://evoca.altervista.org/contatti/
Band Website: http://evoca.altervista.orgBand 


Band line-up:

S. All instruments.

P. session Drums


01 – Val d’Inverno


Here we have atmospheric black metallers Evoca with their first release Val d’Inverno. A part of the
“Venetic Black Metal Front.” along side Brünndl and Lua d’Inverno.

This EP consists of one track that lasts a near 30 minutes, as long as it is I would recommend listening to the
full track.
An instrumental track (although they are looking for a vocalist to join) takes the listener on a bleak path through an
unforgiving forest. I often felt myself wandering on a mountain top surrounded by mist.

I personally think this piece would have benefited from lyrics and vocals; this would have helped to express more emotion
although they do this well with the melodic riffs and mid-paced drumming. I find this very relaxing and easy listening. In places, I think the track should have been separated into different songs as you will often hear breaks between.
I would definitely recommend this for fans of Agalloch and Drudkh.

Review by Lawrence Nand.