Evile @ The Garage

With Wolf & Pythia
28th October 2012
Review by Wolf Shankland
Photography by Ashlinn Nash

Ahh the Relentless Garage…this is my first time to this little venue and it won’t be my last. As I arrive at the location, it was straight to the bar!

As the doors open fans rush to the merch stall before the opening act take the stage.
The merch stall had some awesome t-shirts and shirts on offer, including a nice canvas shirt with the WOLF logo embedded onto the chest, definitely worth the twenty quid!

The stage lights up as PYTHIA take the stage, to be honest I wasn’t expecting this band to play tonight, as I was certain it was just the two bands, so it was definitely a nice surprise to see these guys take to the stage….and what a belter of a set!


With an awesome mixture of female fronted thrash, melodic and power metal it was definitely a good band to start off on. Hailing from Cornwall, these UK metallers show a lot of their classical side, especially during such songs like Betray Army and Heartless and putting on an impressive live show, as always, with dramatics galore!!

Set list:
Long live
Just A Lie

Next up is legendary Swedish power/thrash metallers, WOLF and I was really looking forward to this set!
I’ve followed this band since their self-titled release back in 2000 and since they’ve not failed to impress.
Opening up with Make Friends with your enemies and WOW!!


The crowd starts moving, and so they should, been around since 1995 and been impressing crowds all over Europe and America, playing with big names such as SAXON and TANKARD and more recently TRIVIUM and tonight, they’re with EVILE.


Following up with the belters; Hail Caesar, Full Moon Possession and fan favourite, Voodoo!
This sent the crowd into a frenzy of shouts, roars and windmilling. Yes, WOLF really knew how to get this crowd going tonight; I certainly was putty to the shreds of Mr Johansson.

Finishing off with songs like the crowd favourite k141-kursk, Genocide, Skullcrusher, Venom then ending on their recent hit, Speed on I was so happy with this set!
First time I’ve seen WOLF and I promise not the last time!!

Set List:
Make Friends with your Enemies
Hail Caesar
Full moon Possession
Steal Winged Savage Reaper
Skull Crusher
Evil Star
The Bite
Speed On

Now, next up is a band that started as your little time local thrash band from Huddersfield, who have had their ups and downs, especially when bassist Mike Alexander (RIP buddy) sadly passed away whilst on tour due to a blood clot in his lungs. Not sure what would happen EVILE picked themselves up from the ashes and like the Phoenix they came back in flames with the album “Five Serpents Teeth” and they’re here tonight to show us how to rise!


Opening with the epic Hundred Wrathful Deities and their smash hit single Cult and the crowd poured down to the floor, now for a venue that looks big, it’s actually quite small when the crowd gathers.

I moved to the upper level as Centurion starts to flow out of the amps and over the speaker. Matt man, he has such a powerfully brutal voice, but I know what people say “He sounds like Metallica” but at the end of the day whatever works for them!! Yes they have a METALLICA meets SLAYER sound to them but it fucking works, too many haters these days.

But I digress, Man Against Machine and Metamorphosis are the opening tracks for the ever loved In Memoriam and I’ve heard this song so many times after the death of Mike Alexander and it still touches my heart, an amazing tribute to not only an amazing musician, but an amazing friend, and this song tells you that, you can see the tears well up in fans eyes as lighters, phones, anything that glows is raised into the air in remembrance of Mike Alexander, R.I.P!

Next up is one EVILE’s first releases, Thrasher and with new bassist, Joel Graham taking the helm, he does the late Mike proud with fast paced, heart thumping bass lines. With Eternal Empire and Origin to Oblivion following, the crowd want more!!

Right before the next track begins I run into Anders Modd and Simon Johansson and chatted about their new album due next year and a big tour in 2013 so keep your eyes peeled.


Five Serpents Teeth is the next song to raid our ear drums, and this impressive title track is the penultimate song before our finale, and what a track from an excellent album, and an awesome build up to our final song of the night Infected Nation!

But as every metal head knows, this isn’t how it ends and EVILE pile back onto the stage with one hell of an encore with Schizophrenia and the crowd goes wild…

An excellent night all in all, I’ve seen EVILE at Bloodstock 2012 and DAMNATION FESTIVAL 2011 and they have always impressed the shit out of me!! And seeing Wolf tonight was definitely impressive for me, can’t wait to catch them in 2013!!!