Evile @ London Garage

Thursday 29th September 2011
Review & Photography by Sabrina Dersel

You know you are at a Trash Metal night when a guy queuing next to you ends up throwing up on your shoes!!!
Welcome to the Evile s gig; Their first UK release show of their new record.

After a brilliant support show from Sworn Amongst, Evile take to the stage.
They leap headfirst into the title track of their just released third studio album “Five Serpent’s Teeth”, which was released on the 26th September. They even hand-delivered one copy to a die hard fan just a few days ago!

Always, been known as a ‘down to earth’ and fan friendly band, Evile (pronounced “eeh-vile”) is a Thrash Metal band from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Their debut album ”Enter the Grave” was released worldwide in 2007 by Earache Records to critical acclaim by fans and critics.
Since then,they have been carrying the genre’s whole revival on their shoulders.

In an interview, frontman and guitarist Matt Drake said that the band was originally supposed to be called “Exile”, but there were “a million other bands that called themselves that” so the “X” in the band’s name was changed to a “V,” and the band became known as Evile.
Their sound is primarily influenced by classic thrash metal, citing bands such as Overkill, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Annihilator, NevermorePantera, and Sepultura, though they are also influenced by death metal bands like Obituary.

This is high quality gig tonight; their riffs are fast and heavy and Matt Drakes’ vocals are perfect for the genre, very James Hetfield[ish].

There is nothing bad to say about their performance…long live Evile!
The song “Cult” which just had the video released brings all the audience members singing along together “All we ask is that you join our Cult” and constantly moshing and headbanging.

But you have seen nothing until “Trashers” blasts out of the amps!
This was Evile’s first official music video from their debut album “Enter The Grave”. Fast aggressive Trash with no rest!
The crowd goes nuts tonight with an out of control mosh pit, this truly is a Trash war zone!
Drummer Ben Carter is rapid and solid, Ol on guitar seems to play effortlessly despite the very fast rhythm of “Trashers”, always pulling up funny faces!

After thanking the crowd, the Metal Hammer magazine who put on the gig and Earache Records Label who, from Matt s words, “were crazy enough to sign us”, he acknowledges the tragic birthday coming in 6 days of Mike Alexander passing away. It will be two years since, while on tour in Sweden, the former bassist died from a pulmonary embolism; a blood clot on the lungs. We are asked to celebrate in his memory with “maybe something more than water, maybe Ribena” jokes the band!

Mike Alexander will always be remembered and a constant part of the band.

The encore brings the band back, but not before Ol shouts to his colleagues to get back on stage! “Armoured Assault” closes the set and tonight is madness, leaving everybody sweaty, but highly happy.

Evile is here to Ride The Lightning!!

Set list:
Five Serpent’s Teeth/Killer From The Deep/Eternal Empire/We Who Are About To/Die/Cult/Trasher/Descent Into Madness/Xaraya/Infected Nations
Long Live New Flesh/Armoured Assault