Evile Gig @ Gibson Guitar Studios

July 18th 2011

Rating 5/5

Photos by Michelle Murphy

After our interview with the band, Evile make their way to the stage to play a short set of new songs and a stone cold classic!

Evile start their set with the ferocious Eternal Empire; A great opening track , which to me sounded even faster than it did on record!
The crowd go mad, even though it’s not the biggest area in the world to hold a gig it’s got a very intimate atmosphere to it.
They career on into another new song; The Cult, the third track off the new album.

Matt’s vocals are sounding awesome this evening and considering the amount of press and talking he would have been doing, his voice sounds strong!

Cult is a brilliant song and a great live number too, followed by Xaraya; which is a great sludger of a track, reminding me of how heavy a band can be even when the tempo’s are slow, this is a very well written track and well executed live containing a very thrashy middle section.

The lead work is frenetic tonight, Ol Drakes fingers are like lightning across the fret board in this sweaty and adrenaline fuelled room!

After Xaraya comes Long Live the New Flesh, the album closer from Five Serpents Teeth, and it’s a crusher!
Flying through and completely knocking you for six it’s a smashing piece of music and perfectly closes the album and the set. But wait…there’s more!

After a brief round of Thank You’s and dedications to the late Mike Alexander, they play us out with one of Mike’s favourites, Killer from the Deep; which apparently about an ex and sharks!?

Well whatever the meaning of the lyrics were, the song raises the noise level and the intensity of the movement in the crowd and brings the evening to an almighty end!

A fantastic night & a great performance from the Evile guys!