Evile – Five Serpent’s Teeth By Sheila Hamilton

Released: 2011 Earache
Rating: 5/5

Evile have returned with their highly anticipated third album “Five Serpent’s Teeth” following up from their successful 2009 “Infected Nations” and 2007 ‘Enter the Grave” releases.

Five Serpents Teeth see’s Evile return to their straightforward thrash roots and showcases how they have evolved both musically and lyrically since Joel Graham has joined to fill the void.

This album has managed to capture the raw sound of the guys pouring their frustration, sadness, hopes and hatred into the music. It has a slightly more melodic feel to with presence of harmonies whilst retaining the fast thrash overall feel to it.

Matt Drake’s voice is stunning on this record it has improved structurally along with a more defined trademark thrash bark and occasional growl! Tight raw riffs, ear tingling solos and along with Ben’s drumming really stands out on this album. This album definitely has the WOW factor.

Special mention has to go to “In memoriam” a poignant almost a ballad style track written in the memory of their former bassist Mike Alexander tragically died in 2009, It is one of the highlights of the albums and a fitting tribute to Mike, RIP.

“Five Serpent’s Teeth” is a showcase example of pure, raw unadulterated emotion that marks their incredible journey fighting through the darkness and emerging out the other side.