Ethereal – Interview with Naut

19th November 2014
Interview by Ben Spencer
Video Footage by Jo Blackened

Having entered the venue early and walking in half way through a sound check. We were joined by Naut from Ethereal and decided to set up an interview by the stairs of Camden Underworld to learn a bit more about the band and what to expect in the future.


You guys are playing with 1349 tonight. I was wondering if you could tell me how this gig came about?

Naut: To put it simply we asked and received. We knew they were playing and that it was a tour we really wanted to do! We have to thank Old Empire or helping us secure the shows but it was something we really wanted to do so we went for it.

With your debut album coming up I was wondering if you could tell me how similar or different it is to your earlier material?

Naut: (Ponders) There are parallels that can be drawn with the earlier material. Its still the core of Ethereal but the line up’s different now and we also added a lot to the sound. There’s more in the way of the symphonic kind of things. A little more melodic in places with lead guitar but at the same time we’re trying to push outwards in all directions so simultaneously its also more extreme and production is much more high quality. We really tried to consider the album as a whole and it think it flows great from start to finish and we really wanted to put something out that represents where we are right now as a band.

Do you guys prefer writing or playing shows and what are some of the rewards and challenges you face?

Naut: (Pauses) I don’t know. I mean there two very different things. We all love writing music and there’s a lot of writing going on for the second album which I’ve been involved with. As far as this album goes musically everything was already wrote before I joined and then I added the lyrics and vocals. I do really enjoy writing but nothing compares to doing a show really. Things like writing and recording that’s the work and the creative side and that’s all well and good but when you play a good show that’s the pay off. That’s when everything you’ve done comes together and makes sense. So the shows are definitely the best part for me.

If you guys could share a stage with any band at a gig or festival who would it be and why?

Naut: What a question (Pauses) For Ethereal I want to say Emperor. If it could be any band Emperor would be quite something else. I saw them on the previous run they just did and they’re just a fantastic band. For me the best Black Metal band, they just have such admiration for them! They have a huge fan base and worldwide recognition so as improbable as it may be sharing a stage with Emperor would be incredible.

Would you say they are an inspiration to you?

Naut: I think that’s fair to say. I think with Ethereal we have fairly differing tastes but Emperor is one of those bands that everyone likes so yeah they are definitely influential to us.

If you could give any advise to an unsigned Black Metal band starting up, what advise would you give them?

Naut: Just work hard that’s the only advise I can give. That’s what we have done and what we continue to do. Our hard work pays off and that’s about all the advise I can give. Be original and find your own way of doing things and whatever’s working for you keep working that way and stand your ground and don’t compromise what you do.

I was wondering if you could tell us about some of the lyrical themes explored within your music?

Naut: Yeah sure. We’re not a concept band. I mean I can only answer for the lyrics that I’ve wrote for the new album. When I’m writing its really about trying to get in touch with the feeling I get from the song itself and basically the lyrics are from my own view point. A lot of lyrics on the album are fairly apocalyptic and misanthropic and they kind of focus around the concept of death and what that means and humanity as it is today. It’s all really from my own perspective. Its really important to me that when I’m performing or recording the songs that I mean what I’m saying. I think its really important to feel what you’re doing so yeah the lyrics are from my own head space and view of the world.

On that note, what comes first for you guys music or lyrics?

Naut: Music first. Its important to me when writing the lyrics that the vocal rhythms sync up with the music and that’s an important part of the music I write, its making sure the words work for the songs themselves so for me the song has to come first.

If you were trapped on a Desert Island which three albums would you have with you and why?

Naut: (Ponders) I don’t think I could live with three albums. I’m a massive collector I have thousands. I’d have to take only one Black Metal album, I’d take one classic metal album as I’m a fan of all the classic bands and probably something a little more mellow perhaps some classical stuff as I’d be going insane on this island I couldn’t possibly choose one album of the top of my head. I’d be going insane on this island but I I’d be sat here all night trying to think what to take. I could never pack for such an occasion (smiles).

Where would you like to see Ethereal in five years time?

Realistically or unrealistically?

Naut: Well everyone in the band is really driven. This is what we want to do, we want to take it as far as we can so in five years time we’d like to have made some major festival appearances. Have the second and possibly the third album out by that time so that we would have a decent back catalogue. By that point I’d like to be in a headlining our own tours and travel out into Europe and across the world.

Any Festivals in particular?

Naut: Well there’s a lot of great festivals around. Bloodstock in the UK would be fantastic. European wise, Blastfest, Inferno, Hellfest.Every nation has its own great festivals so I want to do them all!