Eternal Deformity – The Beauty of Chaos by Sam McKavanagh

Released: April 30th 2012.
Despite claiming to have crafted their ‘own personal sound’ over a 20 year period, Eternal Deformity’s fifth full-length is more of a homage than the work of visionaries, but that’s not enough to write The Beauty of Chaos off as a bad record.

The Polish noise-makers blend aggressive blackened metal with some progressive ideas, often departing from their clear influences on a solo that Joe Perry or Mick Mars would be proud of, showing that they aren’t afraid to try things – even if they do grow tiresome after a while.

The album pushes a real Opeth and Ishahn vibe – which gives meaning to the album title, technically they execute it to aplomb, but this is a well trodden path by now – and few can pull it off, Eternal Deformity have set their sights high, perhaps too high and though they don’t crash and burn, they lack a certain je nais se quoi, the final product comes out lacking in comparison as they spend too much time chasing shadows than honing that ‘personal sound’ they have spent so much time working on.

It’s impossible to say that this album is a disaster, the production is fantastic and they are great musicians playing everything so tight, but it’s hard to see how The Beauty of Chaos could form a meaningful part of your record collection – it comes across as too commercial and lacks a certain depth.
Maybe my perceptions have been distorted by too many years of listening to dank, sounds-like-it-was-recorded-in-a-bunker-in-one-take black metal albums, either way Eternal Deformity fail to make any real impression, the last chord has just finished ringing out and I’ve already forgotten what they sounded like, I would re-educate myself but Loose Women seems like a more appealing option right now.