Eskimo Callboy and The Browning @ O2 Islington Academy

 25th February 2013

Review by by Caitlin Smith

I have always prided myself on being open to new music, so after being invited to this gig, I was sure a learning curve was going to happen somewhere. Outside the O2 it seemed like a tame affair, although I should have been warned by the man dressed as a dinosaur of the madness that was about to happen inside. I walked in just as The Browning was about to hit the stage for the night.

The Browning is a four piece American electronicore band, combining the genres of metalcore and electronic music. Recently signed to Earache records, the band are enjoying some success on their first full-length album, Burn this World. Heading off on tour with label mates Eskimo Callboy for their Get Drunk of Fuck off tour, the guys seem to be heading from strength to strength.

The room is crowded and the air is already damp from sweat and energy, and as soon as the Browning came on, it’s evident why. Their set is extremely high energy, head banging and bouncing around constantly throughout the set, without even pausing for breath. The crowds mirrored their energy and at one point a circle pit started up on the bands command.

Compared to the album, their live sound is actually a pleasant surprise. The mix is much heavier, leaning more to the metal side with the electronic music much less pronounced. I couldn’t fault them on their technical skill; the guys knew how to play. The sound was incredibly tight throughout the set and they hit every drop perfectly for maximum impact. Despite some technical problems, the guys pulled out a surprisingly enjoyable set.

Eskimo Callboy headline the night. Coming all the way from Germany, they seem to be out on a mission to offend as many people as physically possible. Labeled as post hardcore, the band refuses to accept this label, instead choosing to pioneer a genre they call “porno metal”. It’s obvious that these guys are not taking themselves or their music seriously.

Their cry of “where my party people at?” summed up the gig nicely right from the start, they brought rave metal to London that night. The Browning and Eskimo Callboy were possibly not the most obvious pairing, but despite being an odd mix, the crowd went wild for both bands. Eskimo Callboy went through a mix of songs off their Bury me in Vegas album, playing hits off the album like ‘Is anyone up’ and finishing on a cover of ‘Callifornia Girls’.

Nobody could claim that Eskimo Callboy is the most talented band around, or pushing any ground musically, but serious fans of the genre may find a fun night out with this band. Maybe these guys aren’t the band for everyone, but for those who just want to bounce around to some metal electronic cross. Worth seeing once.