Enkelination – Tears of Lust by Victoria Fenbane

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: CDBaby
Released: 2014
Buy Album [URL]: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/enkelination
Band Website: http://enkElination.com


Band line-up:

Elina Siirala : Vocals / keys
Shadow  :  Guitars
Alasdair  :  Bass
Ben  :  Drums


1. Tears of Lust
2. Higher Ground
3. Never Ending
4. Lullaby
5. Insane
6. What Have You Become
7. Reborn
8. Chimeras
9. Changeling
10. Abyss
11. Last Time Together<


Enkelination (enkeli – meaning Angel in Finnish) formed in November 2011. Fronted by Finnish classically trained former opera singer Elina Siirala, featuring Shadow Venger (previously of Empyreal Destroyer) on guitar. Since formation they have steadily gained a following and are now deservedly breaking through. To coincide with the release of their debut album ‘Tears of Lust’ Enkelination have been gaining priceless publicity via recent  high profile gigs – supporting both Van Canto and Impera at Camden’s Underworld and an appearance at Bloodstock 2014.  So I was eager to find out if they deserved the hype…

What first hits you about the opener, title track ‘Tears of Lust’, is the very crisp and professional sound of this album. Elina’s powerful, get gentle, vocals deliver the lyrics with clear enunciation, not a single word missed due to slurring or mumbling.  The album consists of 11 songs, which more often lean towards gothic rock than metal in style but by saying that the metal fan should not disregard this album.

The band’s bio mentions Elina’s classical background, so I was surprised that the sound never ventures into operatic territory. Expectation of the bombastic leads to an imparting of the sense that Elina has a tight control over her voice all all times; reigning it in when you expect it to go full on soprano.  The result is actually a lot of energy in the music and a metal vibe.

Personally I was reminded of Edenbridge with a hint of All About Eve, if I have to find comparisons to other artists, but really Enkelination have no obvious influences and have created a sound for themselves. ‘Tears of Lust’ is an interesting album and they deserve much credit for not going down the easy popular route of symphonic female fronted metal. Instead they have delivered a deliberately restrained album of high quality which will appeal across genres.

I am really looking forward to catching them live and seeing how they develop. I suggest checking out their video for ‘Tears of Lust’ and if you are impressed then grab a copy of this album. It’s a great treat to have such good quality female fronted metal in the UK.

Review by Victoria Fenbane