English Dogs – The Thing With Two Heads by Tony Bliss

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/ Label: Candlelight Records
Released: July 28th 2014



Adie Bailey – Vocals
Graham “Gizz” Butt – Lead Guitar
Ryan Christy- Rhythm Guitar
Craig Christy – Bass
Andrew “Pinch” Pinching – Drums



01. Turn Away From The Light
02. Freak Boy
03. Gorgonized
04. Hate Song
05. Ghost Note
06. Up From The Depths
07. The Thing Will Arise
08. Planet Of The Living Dead
09. Royal Flying Corpse
10. Rectify
11. Down With The Underdogs


Spittle flecked punk going blow for blow with blitzkrieg thrash is the order of the day here, with veteran quintet English Dogs serving up a decidedly British slab of unencumbered, traditionally metallic thrills, making for what is a rather comprehensive summary of the band’s collective history thus far.

Indeed, with shades of power metal bombast (‘Royal Flying Corpse’), ramshackle punk clamour (‘Planet Of The Living Dead’), not to mention some undeniably impressive guitar histrionics scattered throughout, ‘The Thing With Two Heads’ doffs its cap to a rich wealth of influences, and is all the more engaging for it. As bloodthirsty as it is, the songs rattle along with a upbeat, scream along infectiousness, and through its 80’s Bay Area gallop and instrumental excess certainly drags us along with its ruthless energy.
Highlights are numerous, the strident aggression of ‘Gorgonized’ and the dizzying tempo shifts of ‘Freak Boy’ garnering a skull flattening weightiness , yet special mention must go to the progressively leaning ebb and flow of closing salvo ‘Down With The Underdogs’, ten minutes of iron clad riffery and cleanly plucked meandering.

It is not all good news however, some rather gratingly boorish vocal adding little to the enjoyment, yet as it is ‘The Thing With Two Heads’ is a record steeped in both modern violence and time honoured, middle finger up belligerence. Great stuff.