Enemies of Reality Nevermore, Album Cover Review

Reviewed by Sarah Clow
Released 2003

I thought I would do this cover next, another one taken form my A to Z but another that I really admire. I dont necessarily find this cover beautiful, but I do find it to be iconic. I just find it to be an awesome piece of art.

Travis Smith, the man behind Seempieces and who has designed a few of Nevermores album covers, also designed the Enemies of Reality cover art.
I was lucky enough to receive emails form Travis, regarding the album art, he was kind enough to tell me that although there was not much of a story to the artwork, it was however, something that was thought up towards the end of the making of the album. It was loosely based on the lyrical content. Warrel Dane – vocalist of Nevermore, provided a few specified suggestions for the final design, these included the horns.

Dead Heart In A Dead World Nevermore, Released 2000

I have chosen to do a review for this album cover at the same time as Enemies of Reality. This because this cover really catches the eye, and draws you into the emotion of whats in the album. I also like the way that this cover also works well when you turn it upside down, as there is an upside down mask at the bottom and you can also see what could be a shoulder with a branch coming off it to be an arm. Travis was also able to give me a little info on this one too, there isnt much of a specific story behind the design, as it was just an idea he had when he heard the title. It just so happened that the lyrics fitted perfectly.

What I love about all the work I have seen by Travis Smith is that they are all unique, and created in a way that makes me just a little envious! He is very skilled in Photoshop and InDesign, and I find that his designs show a lot of thought from what is within the album he is designing for.