Endless Voyage X – Those Who Time Forgot

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/Label: Fragile Branch Recordings
Distributor/Label URL: Https://www.fragilebranch.com
Released: May 2017
Buy Album [URL]: https://endlessvoyagex.bandcamp.com
Band Website: https://endlessvoyagex.bandcamp.com

Band Line-up:endless

Jake – All Instruments  and Vocals

Track listing:

1.Far From Home
2.Perpetual Misfortune
4.At One With The Abyss


Is it just me or when you think about a one man band you have images of a dude with a drum at his feet, cymbals in his hand playing a trumpet or a flute or whatever crosses your mind? I am showing my age and it’s a fact they had some talent obviously. So does this bloke. Massive amounts of it by the sounds of things, but herein lies the problem.

Try as I can there is nothing here to make me want to hear this album again. Doomy Blackness at its essence, there is no doubt both styles are well represented. Hats off to Jake for being so bloody talented, and the only thing I could say is to keep going and maybe broaden your horizon’s a little.
As it is now, people will listen to this and maybe say meh? or maybe they will slide right into it like a well-worn shoe, but for me comfortable is not enough. With so many bands around playing the same type of music, I feel the listener has to be able to identify something different in each release to spike their interest or it will just go into the pile of albums that you barely ever touch.

This is by no means a bad release, just not enough to even really raise an eyebrow, unfortunately. and as always with album reviews, my opinion is mine and mine alone. To be honest, I couldn’t even pick one standout track, were all pretty similar, as in nothing jumped out to grab me.
Check it out, you may find something in it that I did not, I’m sure Jake will continue to thrive despite my opinion, and maybe one day I will see his vision for what he intends it to be, just unfortunately not this time.

Review by The Great Mackintosh