Enchanted Woodland at Syon Park

Held at Syon Park House and Garden”
21st Nov – 7th of Dec Eevery year”
Review and photos by Claudia Bauch and Steve Salmon

Every year, the gardens of Syon Park House is transformed into a magical and mystical display.
Lasers, fairy lights, smoke machines, sound effects, ornamental displays and music create an atmospheric and fairytale like surrounding, which can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Before entering the park, you have the chance to warm up with a glass of mulled wine or coffee and have a little snack before heading into the Enchanted Woodland.

We started our walk through the park by passing a beautifully lit up water fountain, continuing our way through colourful lit up trees and statues, before passing the bridge over the lake, which was surrounded by floating lights on the water.

Our path continued through this enchanting display, passing the tree light ballet, where trees are lit up in such a special way, that it looks like the trees are dancing in the dark before reaching the “dragon’s nest”.

The dragons nest is a clever display of light, sound and smoke, which gives the feeling of a dragon sleeping beneath the trees of Syon Park.

Following the path through the park, we passed another beautiful tree light ballet, before reaching the fairy garden, filled with little ornamental displays and fairy houses, before reaching a very mystical part of the park, enhanced by smoke machines and clever light displays.

We continued our way towards the main house, which too was lit up in different colours before reaching the winter garden of Syon Park House, where a beautiful laser show and dramatic music left us absolutely stunned.


This event is perfect for families, old and young, everybody who enjoys light and laser displays and one thing is for certain, we will be back next year.