Empire of the Scourged – Transcend into Oblivion by Ellen Norvang

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Self released
Distributor/label URL: http://empireofthescourged.com/distribution
Released: 2014
Buy Album [URL]: http://empireofthescourged.com/order
Band Website: http://empireofthescourged.com

Band line-up:

RM Vocals
RP Guitars (Bleeding Gods, ex-Debauchery, ex-Houwitser)
PR Bass / Clean vocals
AW Drums, Synths, Programming, Vocals (additional) (Göll, Temple ov Decibel, ex-Weltbrand, ex-Ordo Draconis)
FP Programming, Synths, Vocals (additional) (Styxian Industries, Archa, Temple ov Decibel, ex-Legem Aeternam)


– Der Wanderer über dem Nebelsee
– Hollow Machinations of the Foul Spirited
– Trapped in this Massive Process
– Foul Machinations of a Hollow Spirit
– A Scarred Horizon

The debut, “Transcend into Oblivion”, from the Dutchmen is a 5 track-long EP with no clear path for the listener to take. It starts off in the black metal genre, violently blasts into grindcore, promptly switches back into black metal with industrial as the ground layering. Then surprisingly turns into avant-garde, melodic and uncanny clean soft clean singing. It sure is a mix and a layer of confusion this record has to offer.

Most of the songs are on a detour into violent blasting, but the track “Foul Machinasions of a Hollow Spirit” calms the record down with some pretty avant-garde wandering on the synth.
“Transcend into Oblivion” is by no means pleasant for the ears. Sometimes it is melodic; sometimes it is a playful mess band members in-between.
The band would be better off with a more combined song-writing as experimental music such as this sometimes only makes sense to the people involved in the composing process.

Review by Ellen Norvang