Elysian Nights @ Dirty Dicks by Jo Blackened

Elysian Nights Rocking Burlesque Show

Friday 9th September 2011 @ Dirty Dicks

Review and Photography by Jo Blackened
Altercarnated Photography

Elysian Nights were back with another debauched menagerie of some of the best burlesque and entertainment around!

With no dress code for this event, Elysian Events always encourage people to dress in theme, such as Fantasy, Fetish, Drag, Lolita, Goth, Punk, Cabaret & Burlesque etc so I was excited to see what tonight had in store.

After a nightmare journey, thanks to good old London Transport and turning right instead of left outside one of the many stations exits, we eventually found our way to Dirty Dicks, realising it was right opposite the other station entrance!
Despite the name, Dirty Dicks in an old but beautiful large atmospheric pub with tonight’s event being held on the lower ground floor.
We walked into the room to the sound of a David Bowie track playing in the background with candlelight tables surrounding the stage, with the front table reserved especially for us!
We immediately hit the bar knowing tonight was going to be great!

Waiting for the first act to start we happily sat drinking and chatting, whilst listening to a fantastic DJ set being playing from a laptop across the room before our host & comedian Amir Durgahee took to the stage!
Amir is absolutely hysterical! Going around the crowd, analyzing everyone, commenting on their dress style and basically putting people on the spot he soon introduced tonight’s acoustic act Adam Clarke.
Looking rather nervous he came on stage alone, playing a mixture of alternative and some rather aggressive songs and some slower more melodic tracks, forgetting one of his songs lyrics half way through, he jokily decided to move onto his last song. But despite this and having some guitar strap difficultly he played passionately before it was back to our host Amir!

Amir then decided to entertain us giving us a few tracks of his own, which to my delight included old songs from ‘The Cure’, before introducing us to the second band for tonight, Tall Poppies.
Two tall and beautiful ladies came onto stage in bright red dresses and lipstick to match with guitars in hand!
They both had amazing voices and such funny lyrics, singing songs which included ‘Butterfingers’ a song about being clumsy, another song about regrets and a hysterical song about a women being in love with a gay man wondering if he would ever ‘crossover for her’! The audience loved The Tall Poppies; they were great on stage and entertained the crowd with their guitars and tambourines! It was a pleasure to see them perform.

After a short interval Amir was back on stage, deciding that the audience were sitting too far from the front begging them to move from their tables and sit nearer to us at the front, before practically forcing someone, who was actually visiting the UK from France to come on stage to introduce the next act, who was comedian
Paul Baglin!
Paul’s act was totally hysterical! Talking to the audience, bringing up the recent rioting in and around London aswell as other subjects he went around the crowd being funny and friendly.
His act was short, but sweet, leaving everyone laughing and wanting more!

With Amir back on stage with guitar in hand this time, he sung songs which included the subject of dating and how it led him straight to the health clinic, to singing about a girl from Camden who went to buy her first corset and was busy texting her mate to tell her how big her boobs looked, who was busy drinking at Camden Lock! This was hysterical especially as his lyrics rhymed, going from joke to joke! I would’ve happily sat there listening to more, but it was time for the first burlesque act of the night… Adelina Le Shay.
With an amazing entrance on stage combining ballet with dance and burlesque Adelina flowed onto stage with large green fans in hand and green mask, she performed with beauty and grace.
Captivating the audience her performance went by fast and as soon as her song had finished she had gone from stage with Amir applauding and picking up the mic.
This time Amir decided to approach the crowd more aggressively, going around destroying the audience on their fashion sense, or lack of it! But he did this in a funny, playful manner, which to be honest was funny and truthful!

It was soon time for tonight’s next act Alexandra ‘Lexisexx’ Lee.
Again the ballet theme she arrived on stage to the track ‘Who is She? by ‘i Monster’ whilst wearing a beautiful outfit and mask before beginning to strip.

After her seductive performance and music still playing a sheet of cloth with broken glass was laid down before her, and to the shocked gasps of the audience she leapt into the air landing on the broken shards in bare feet; a great way to finish her performance!
It wouldn’t be easy to follow a routine such as Lexi Sexx’s but next on stage was dancer April Fiasco; unfortunately for me I didn’t really enjoy her act as much as the previous performer.
Given the energy and seductiveness from the other dancers I didn’t find this act sexy or seductive at all, more comical, but lacking the energy needed for the audience to get exactly what was going on.
Coming on stage wearing a sea-themed outfit and afew props on stage, her act was filled with sexual innuendo’s which included a ‘pearl necklace’ ‘getting crabs’ and ‘swallowing oysters’ but it wasn’t always easy to follow her act as she did seem nervous and wasn’t able to connect with the audience too well, who I think were disappointed that despite all this effort, there was no stripping.
The audience did find her amusing but I know afew of the audience, with me included really weren’t sure what to think of it all!
It wasn’t too long though until the next act was on stage and I was happy to see Adelina Le Shay back on stage!
This act saw her arriving wearing an impressive Black and Pink outfit which included a top hat & ballet shoes!
Adelina was clearly one of mine and the audience’s favourite act tonight.
She performs with such beauty and manages to capture everyone’s attention immediately.
Again, her performance was flawless which included a strip-tease with some very interesting twists!
She pulls out a long gold chain, tips her head back & feeds it into her nose, whilst swallowing she finally pulls the other end from her mouth, whilst the whole time keeping on her toes in the ballet burlesque style, this was an absolutely amazing performance!

Again, after a short break and back to the DJ; which the crowd a chance to have a boogie of their own on the stage, it wasn’t long until Amir introduced the next act, who was again Alexandra ‘Lexisexx’ Lee.
I have to say, despite these girls performing afew acts tonight, they just keep getting better and better!

Starting her act sitting down this time, she wore a beautiful white lace outfit which took a more aggressive route this time. Dancing and stripping seductively to ‘Barry Adamson’s’, ‘Man with the Golden Arm’ she moves over to a table, lit a cigarette and then put it out on her tongue and hands it to a member of the audience! Then she went back to the table & reached for a large candle, bringing it to the front of the audience she poured the hot wax all over her chest and body, before blowing the audience a kiss & running off stage!
Next tonight was another burlesque act from Bella Rouge.
Again Bella was one of tonight’s favourite performance and it was no surprise given her fantastic outfit and pirate performance!
With a fantastic fun and extremely seductive energy, she began to strip from her outfit whist drinking booze from a glass bottle which then led to her pulling out a flashing hola-hoop!
The audience loved her act and hola skills, which saw her act ending with her pouring whisky over her bare chest!
I thought that was going to be the end of tonight’s acts but to my surprise there was more to come, with both Adelina Le Shay and Alexandra Lexisexx Lee ending the night with their joint act Zirkus Der Grotesken!
All I have to say is that they definitely left the best for last!
Not only are these girls amazing performers solo but together they are incredible!
Starting off quietly and seductively Adelina took to the stage wearing a beautiful pearl corset outfit, performing her ballet style burlesque dance to the beautiful track ‘Flying into Tokyo’ by ‘Magnetic Man’ before the music changes to the darker dubstep track ‘Bad Trip’ by ‘Nero’ as Alexandra dramatically entered the stage in an impressive electric blue and black outfit with gigantic blue fans which engulfed them both before they started stripping and with Alexandra grabbing a pair of scissors and inserting one of the blades into her nose, whilst Adelina placing two long nails at the tip of her nose, and with a hammer began to hit the nails into her nose, before bringing out a bed of nails and laying on broken glass!
A totally incredible end to a truly fantastic night!

Elysian Nights know how to put on a great show, and with live bands, Dark comedy and incredible Burlesque Shows there events are defiantly needed to be seen by everyone!