Album NameArktos 
Rating: 1/5
Distributor/label: Wickerman Recordings
Distributor/label URLwww.wickermanrec.com
Released: June 2015
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/Ebonillumini666

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Band line-up:

Christina Poupoutsi – THE MAIDEN – Vocals & Keys
J.D. Tait – THE MONK – Guitars, Keys, & Vocals
Andre Thung – THE MANTODEA – Drums & Percussion
Richard Alan Weeks – THE MANITOU – Bass, Guitars, Vocals, & Additional Percussion



01 – The Coral Castle – (Florida) 7:26
02 – Lusca – (Bahamas) 6:41
03 – Taino People – (Puerto Rico) 6:26
04 – Crystal Pyramid – (Bermuda) 7:11
05 – Dolphinius – (Celestial Equator) 3:38
06 – Land Where The Wild Grapes Grow (Vinland) 7:23
07 – Ghost Ship – (Baffin Island) 4:35
08 – Ursus Bear – (Arctic Circle) 6:21
09 – Aurora – (Greenland) 6:16
10 – Oceanic Abyss – (Iceland) 9:45


I’ve always been a willing advocator for bands to strive to create music that pushes boundaries, incorporates new ideas, pushes the sonic pathways of our consciousness to a new plain of existence. To be truly “avant-garde” is a complex thing in itself, and the great musicians manage to meld new ideas and complex compositions together to create mind blowing, melding, evolving and truly miraculous works of art.

What Eboniilumini try to do here, does not do that, at all.

Here’s a short review for you, I really, really, REALLY didn’t like this record.

The biggest problem I have with this recording is everything is so forced, classifying themselves as “avant-garde black metal” is one incredible lie, that genre tag invokes to me vibes of Borknagar, Arcturus, Circle of Oroboros and the like.

This release falls quite clearly into the Arcturus rip off camp, but not only does it blatantly rip off all creativity from said band, they also combine it with lacklustre, bland, emotionless female vocals.

While I never believe that female vocalists need to be souring opera singers or diva like pop stars, I certainly want to hear some degree of emotion in the performance, and none of that is present here with this vocalist.

In fact that’s the biggest running problem with this entire band, it’s just avant-garde for the sake of being avant-garde, there’s no emotion, no passion, just cold, boring, thinking… and with all over-thinking, the outcome is always fruitless.

There’s apparently a deep running concept, and the musicians are certainly proficient and talented, but do I care? No of course I don’t, with all this talent and technical ability the band falls far from the mark when it comes to songwriting.

I found it incredibly hard to connect with this release (incase you couldn’t tell) and definitely would only recommend it to people who are fans of the genre’s sound, otherwise I certainly doubt this band will be turning anyone to the folk twanged pretentious avant-garde fuck fest that this album tries to convey.

And for the record, having a couple of blast beats and some wretched vocals doesn’t make you “Black Metal”.

Reviewed by DP.