Earth Crisis – Salvation of Innocents by Gavin Lowrey

Rating:     3.5/5
Distributor/label: Candlelight Records
Released: 3 March 2014
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[ALBUM] [Gavin Lowrey] Earth Crisis - Salvation of InnocentsBand line-up:

Karl Buechner – Vocals
Scott Crouse – Guitar
Ian Edwards Bass
Dennis Merrick – Drums
Erick Edwards – Guitar


1-    De-Desensitize
2-    Out of Cages
3-    Shiver
4-    The Morbid Glare
5-    Razors Through Flesh
6-    Depraved Indifference
7-    No Reason
8-    The Pallid Surgeon
9-    Devoted to death
10-    Into Nothingness
11-    Tentacles of the Altering Eye
12-    Final Breath


This is the metalcoreres from Syracuse 3rd album since their 6 year hiatus from 2001-2007, and the although it lacks the rawness of say their earlier, more influential earlier work such as Gomorrah’s Season Ends (1996) or Breed the Killers (1998) I think that it really has a lot to offer, particularly if your new to the band and want to dip your toe in their morally laden musical pool

From the in your face opening of De-Desensitise to the attack of the aptly named Final Breath you are taken on a roller coaster ride of an album that easily sits up there with some of the more “famous” members or their genre

My favourite track is the slightly slower Depraved Indifference that has a catchy hook, although Razors through Flesh, Into Nothingness and No Reason are also standouts

It has been levelled at several bands from the metalcore scene that they have not moved their sound on and developed musically but in the case of Earth Crisis, this does not apply

Would I buy it? Yes, would I see them live, definitely………..enjoy!