E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr – Kometenbahn by Ben Spencer

Distributor/ Label: Svart records
Band Line up:
Synthesizers, sequencers and samplers: Pertti Grönholm
Synthesizers and sequencers: Aakko Penttinen
Guitar, e-bow and effects: Kimi Kärki
Guitar and effects: Ismo Virta, Memotron

Track listing:
1. Prolog Im Himmel
2. Nachtgeist
3. Durch Den Kosmischen Dunst
4. Sonnenwind
5. Mythos
6. Sonnenaufgang

From Finland’s deep space travellers, E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr come forth a record that wouldn’t sound out of place on the aftermath of any great battle in one of your favourite SCI FI films. The quintet have been renowned for playing a wide range of venues including rock bars, art Museums and movie theatres. Many of their songs features on their record evolved through live performances and Jam sessions to which Kometenbahn has become the product of their expansive sound.

Opening with an robotic sounding vocal distortion of ‘Prolog In Himmel’ the scene is set for a space induced soundscape which slides effortlessly into ‘Nachgiest’ which drifts lightly by with light touches of bass and guitar usage. A highly driven focus on ambience pervades throughout and for the duration of the record it appears to be a prime focus upon the band’s style.

There are also plenty of electronic beats littered through out to authenticate the band’s drive toward illusive song structures that are easy on the ear and strangely sublime in delivery. What becomes difficult is separating one track from another in the stream like procession of tracks that bleed into each other to create a cohesive whole. That being said ‘Mythos’ stood out, despite its use of many ideas which came before it seems to serve its function well with enough soothing delicacies to sway listeners into a dream like state of consciousness.

Closing off on ‘Sonnenaufgang’ the essence carries a more uplifting vibrancy, with its electronic beeps and symphonic coating to take things to a more elated state.

This is music that does not have a clear sense of progression between a verse/chorus formula, but it does capture an aura within its palm and presents it lightly upon you, which either music fans will love or find tedious. However, anyone who is out to find something organic and illusive look no further and journey into deep space.