Drowning Pool, Fozzy & Revoker @ The Electric Ballroom, London

Wednesday 24th April 2013
Review & Photography by Sabrina Dersel

The only time I’ve seen Drowning Pool was in Paris ten years ago, at La Boule Noire in Montmartre, with an audience of thirty people.
Ten years later I am seeing them again at a sold out gig in London, so it is with great excitement I am making my way to the venue.

With co headliners Fozzy, it is quite a WWE wrestling night as most people remember “Bodies” as the opening song of the weekly show of wrestling for many years.

Arriving mid set during the performance of Welsh Rockers Revoker, it is a nice surprise to see the venue already packed of sweaty people!


What a start of the night! I have seen Revoker a few times and I am never tired of those guys, they are the best opening band for tonight’s mayhem to come.
Signed to Roadrunner Records UK two years ago, frontman and guitarist Jamie Mathias proves the band is worthy of more success. His energy is contaminating and his growl impressive.


The band fuses dangerous thrash riffs with Chris Green on lead guitar, Shane Phillips on Bass and Jack Pritchard on Drums. The crowd is loving it!

They are fast, catchy, neat and full of stamina, owning the stage, and they definitely have their fans in the venue tonight and are gaining even more.


The United Kingdom has produced some of hard rock and heavy metal’s most beloved acts, and these four lads from Wales continue that tradition : “It’s the new old school. All of our influences are classic metal and hard rock bands, but we channel them into our own sound”
Revoker collectively grew up in South Wales, and Mathias and Green have been playing together since they were 13-years-old. Once the duo needed a rhythm section, schoolmates Pritchard and Phillips eventually found their way into the band’s ranks, solidifying the lineup in 2006 and Revoker was born and destine to do great things.
Revoker, who release their 2nd album in 2013 and will take a break from the studio in March to play the Bristol leg of the Jagermusic UK tour (w/ GHOST, GOJIRA and THE DEFILED) In April the band are touring the UK and Europe as main support of co headliners Fozzy and Drowning Pool (Featuring WWE wrestling Chris Jericho) and they may well be at the HardRockHell Roadtrip Ibiza fest!

If you haven’t heard or seen these guys live, then rectify your mistake as they are here to stay!

1. Thief
2. The Great Pretender
3. Hands of Justice
4. Psychoville
5. Stay Down
6. Born To Be An Outlaw


With Lots of people sporting Fozzy t-shirts, it is with no surprise to hear a massive welcome as they get on stage.

The band is the brainchild of Rich Ward and Chris Jericho, two larger-than-life, trailblazing personalities that have spent the past decade shaping their own brand. Guitarist Ward met WWE superstar, Chris Jericho backstage at a wrestling show.

The two bonded over their love of 1980s heavy metal and Ward invited Jericho to join his side band Fozzy Osbourne which would later transform into the “mock rock” band Fozzy.

Having released their fifth album “Sin And Bones” last year, they took on this co headliners tour to the delight of their ever growing fanbase. Jericho has characterized the band by saying, “If Metallica and Journey had a bastard child, it would be Fozzy” I couldn t have put it better.

Opening with “Spider In My Mouth” and “Sandpaper”,they quickly make us realise we are in for a party.


“How many haven’t seen us? Oh many Fozzy virgins,i promise we won’t hurt”!
This heavy metal band is joining the forces of Chris Jericho – Vocals, Rich Ward – Guitar/Vocals, Frank Fontsere – Drums, Paul Di Leo – Bass and Billy Grey – Guitar.

From the start till the end they have lots of energy,hardly stopping a second,always interacting with their fans,asking them for example to shout “Heyheyhey,1,2,3” back and forth with Jericho as their leader,and “HeyyyyyyyyyHooooo “, to which he happily thank them with a “f#ck yeah!”

“So London, we know you like filthy heavy dirty sound so let us play you this filthy heavy dirty song for ya,! This is Shine Forever”.


A brief interlude allows them to change their guitars, with no lights on ,morbidish synthesiser is playing in the background. Is he going to come out wearing his wrestling outfit?
The members play a Heavy jam and Jericho is back…with his clothes still on!

Ok I have to admit I am not sure I’m being objective due to me loving my wwe wrestling so let’s make a constructive critic: Jericho is not the best technical vocalist but he does the job pretty well, but his neverending vitality is taking the life out of the crowd.

What a frontman!
“If you know this song,sing,dance,clap,jump,it s called Enemy”.
“London/Fozzy is the perfect combination,can we crash in somebody s basement?!!!
This is the last song “Blood Happens” give all you have!”.
The one hour set never lost its power leaving us tired and exhausted!


Thank you Fozzy!

Have a Drink on Me (AC/DC song)
1.Spider In My Mouth
3 Pray for Blood
4 Inside My Head
5.She’s My Addiction
6.God Pounds His Nails
7.Shine Forever
Whitechapel 1888
8.To Kill a Stranger
9.Sin And Bones
10.Martyr No More
12.Blood Happens

Drowning Pool – Thirty minutes of rest and here we are, ready to drop, but nonetheless, willing for more action!

Drowning Pool turned the world into believers with their breakthrough single “Bodies” in 2001. More than ten years in and four albums, they gave fans countless reasons to keep following them, despite the tragic loss of the original singer Dave Williams who was found dead in their tour bus in August 2002.

Drowning Pool
Drowning Pool

The band’s fifth album “Resilience” and their first with new singer Jasen Moreno just came out earlier this year. The founding members are CJ Pierce on Guitar, Stevie Benton on Bass and Mike Luce – Drums.

Drowning Pool
Drowning Pool

Mike is the first one to come onstage and get the Drowning Pool party starting.
To open their set, they play the powerful “Step Up” track, and Moreno releases his puissant vocals. You can’t help but hear the similarities of his voice to the original singer, nice surprise.

Drowning Pool
Drowning Pool

Follows “Sinner” from what I believe is their best album of the same name!
They play furiously, track after track, helped by the crowd singing along.
A little calming moment follows as to give us a chance to get our breath back with “37 Stitches”. “Lets get crazy again London, are you ready?” Well not really but lets go anyway as the band plays “Follow” and “Told You So”. Moreno asks us to raise our hands up and move them side to side “like in 1995”.

Drowning Pool
Drowning Pool

“Show me your nastiest attitude and raise your middle fingers high London” as the riffs of “One Finger And A fist resonate in the venue.

Drowning Pool
Drowning Pool

Truth to be told, I’m under the impression people came more for Fozzy and they tired themselves to death during their set so now there is less energy available for Drowning Pool…Ok I spoke too fast,t hey are now crowd surfing on “Saturday Night”!

Drowning Pool
Drowning Pool

Closing tonight’s craziness with surely their most famous track “Bodies”, it is a pure insane mayhem! People screaming Drowning Pool, fits in the air, jumping, moshing,circle pit, sweating…you get the idea!

Drowning Pool
Drowning Pool

What a brilliant night in this cold spring and rainy evening!

Step Up
Die For Nothing
37 Stitches
Told You So
Tear Away
One Finger And A Fist
Saturday Night
Feel Like I Do