Drop Zone @ The Pav Tav, Brighton

You’ve all heard of Drop Zone in Reading. It ran for three and a half years and became a solid rock on the ever changing shores of alternative clubbing. Since its moved to The Pav Tav in Brighton, its lost none of its reliability or fun factor.

Considered the most wide ranging alternative club this side of London, Drop Zone has everything, whether you’ ve got a face full of metal, or a face full of glitter as one clever clubber put it. But then variety is inevitable when you take a three room club down to a one room event- everything gets mulched together, like an alternative pure.

The root cause of this mulching effect is the plethora of Djs; from the club classics of Dj Rex, to the new sounds of xDEACONx and Sin Smithy, plus the influential mix of songs provided by The Lowlife Djs (former Djs of the former Brighton industrial goth club, and members of the band SWARF) there’s a broad mix of styles and tastes.


The music is very similar to the Scottish weather. If you don’t like it, give it a few minutes and it’ll be completely different. Prepare to experience the very best of industrial, techno, punk, glam, goth, 80s, house, rock and metal.