Drama / Perdition Winds EP

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Satanath Records
Distributor/label URL: http://satanath.com/
Released: 2016
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Band Website: Drama Perdition Winds

Drama/Perdition Winds EPBand Line-up:

Vocals/Guitar – Vindsarg
Bass – Torden
Drums – Dym

Perdition Winds
Vocals – J.E.
Guitars – R.Ä.
Guitars – T.K.
Drums – R.S.
Bass & vocals – J.K.A.

  1. “Create Your Death”
  2. “Gloria Mortis”
  3. “Aura of Suffering”

This 3 track split EP was released in December 2015 and is a lengthy 27 minutes long, not that this is a bad thing. The first two tracks are from Russian trio Drama, who split up before the release of this EP which is a shame. However these two songs showcase that they finished with fine form, as they are black metal and bleak in nature.

Bringing together a progressive mix of black metal and DSBM, Drama create tuneful songs that get you hooked from the out set. “Create Your Death” has a dooming intro with gritty black metal vocals, Vindsarg’s voice becomes screams of a man dieing almost. The lyrics are bleak and captivating, with heavy guitar grooves. The traditional Black metal elements of the likes of old Emperor and Darkthrone are present, but the guitar and drum mix is modern and progressive within the black metal genera. The guitar solo work is strong and flows well throughout the song.

“Gloria Mortis” starts with a blast beat drum intro, and takes you into a dark wilderness. The tempo is a strong and carries the song along well, the guitar riffs and bass lines blend beautifully together. The lyrics are well conceived and dark in nature, as they create a hellish wasteland. The guitar solo at end is beautiful, against the blackness.

Perdition Winds are a black metal band from Espoo Finland, who’s debut “Aura of Suffering” came out in 2014. Their one song on this EP is “Cult of Kain”, which in contrast to Drama is brash aggressive in its vocal style. There is heavy layers of noise through out, from the guitars and bass. The song has a good rhythm and tempo, which strips back midway into a bass and drum melody. Harrowing vocals scream in the background; as the guitar solo freely unwinds into a hypnotic gesture. At 13:05 minutes; the song has enough good riffs and hooks, however they do get lost at times.

Overall this EP is a good listen, however Drama do come out ahead. Due to their progressive and tactile sound, that caught me from the outset. Not taking anything away from Perdition Winds, except length of their offering was too long and lost its way at times.

Review By Joanna Wilson