Doug Stanhope – Comedian and Rational Thinker, by Jacques TwoTone

I’m going to go right ahead and guess that you probably haven’t heard of Doug Stanhope. It’s OK, a lot of people haven’t and that’s probably down to his reputation as a drunken rambling madman. Which is understandable, given the subject matter and it’s delivery.

But dive deeper. Go on. It’s worth it. Underneath that crazy, maniacal persona is a man who is genuinely logical. He has some outstanding viewpoints that, whilst controversial, at least make a little sense. No subject is too out there. He has opinions on things from war to rape, abortion to transvestites and terorrism. His show is probably not for all people and I can almost guarentee that you’ll be offended by something. Right now I’m listening to him defend child pornography. Definately not the typical stand up routine – not even the run of the mill “offensive” comedy acts would really approach the subject, let alone defend it.

And this is where Doug really stands out. He’s not a typical comedian at all. He’s anything but, in fact. There are no real jokes, just anecdotes and opinions, drowned in self deprecation. A lot of people will probably turn him off the moment he approaches a subject they’re touchy about and get all pissy and offended. These people are missing out on one of the best talents out there at the moment – Comparisons are made with Bill Hicks quite frequently, but I don’t really see it. If anything, Doug probably outshines him in a lot of areas.

So, go on, go pick up a CD. Or go look him up on youtube. Get offended, get insulted and genuinely love it. Because this man is funny. You will be offended, but ignore it and carry on. He’s worth it.