DoomO – DoctoR Doom by Mark Hunter

Band Name: DoctoR Doom
Album Name: DoomO
Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: STB Records
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Released: 2013
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Band line-up:

Jean-Laurent Pasquet : vocal / guitars
Jérémie Delattre : Guitars
Sébastien Boutin Blomfield : Bass, Keys
Michel Marcq : Drums


1.The Sun
2.Relax You’re Dead
3.Stuck in the Past


If you close your eyes, you can almost picture yourself in a dark smoke filled room. Long haired freaky people in flared jeans are swaying as slow dirty riffs reach out towards you….this is what it feels like when you hit play on this EP from the aptly named DoctoR Doom.

The French four piece clearly take their influence from the likes of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. However, they mix their vintage roots with some more technical guitar playing and almost prog like arrangements to bring us their brand of stoner/doom metal.

The first track on “DoomO”, “The Sun”, has that retro/bluesy feel to it and will have you nodding you head and tapping your feet in no time at all. The next track, “Relax you’re Dead” boasts some fine guitar teamed with the wailing vocals of singer JL Pasquet. This is my favorite track on the EP, probably because I am a sucker for those fiddly and technical guitar parts.

The third track, “Stuck in the Past”, possibly named as a nod to the bands roots and influences is more of the same with a guitar solo that screams the blues. In this case, more of the same is no bad thing. The only problem I have with this track is that it is the last one. Three tracks are not enough, I want more!

If you are fan of the like of Graveyard, Witchcraft, Kadavar and the likes or just looking for something to scratch your stoner/doom itch, then check out DoctoR Doom and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.