Doomed and Disgusting – Satan’s Nightmare

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Nuclear War Now Productions
Released: 2014
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doomed and disgusting cover (300x300)Band Line-up:

Dave Slave

  1. Chanting Souls
  2. Ceremonial Sacrifices
  3. Torture Chamber
  4. Sinister Sorcery
  5. The Devil’s Devil
  6. Murder in the Dark
  7. Unleash the Vampire
  8. Good Mourning
  9. God and Satan
  10. The Graveyard Song

Nuclear War Now! has a penchant for truly dark acts. Last year, it was Sect Pig; this year, it is Doomed and Disgusting and their album, Satan’s Nightmare, out on LP.  Satan’s Nightmare is morbid eccentric doom, with morbid dialed up. The vocals are demented, morphing from Church sermon by Anton LeVay to harsh black metal rasps. Doomed and Disgusting is truly a one-of-a-kind act in the scene’s done-one-too-many times doom scene.

There are typical doom elements like the downtuned guitar dirges making up the bulk of the riffs. The tempos are often slow, albeit never slowed down to a crawl. The Church organ playing in the background is a nice touch. The centerpiece of this band’s sound has got to be the really deranged vocals. The lyrics are just as twisted and are rasped and recited to good effect. The drums plod along, and the bass is audible, but the whole twisted ensemble just makes sense put together. Even the album cover has a hard time being taken for a miss, as the greenish haze that blankets the shot of a priest who’s been possessed, absolutely rips.

Had I walked into a record store with obscure metal releases, something tells me I would have walked away with Satan’s Nightmare. It may have never been on my shopping list, but it’s so fucking outrageous, it’s just hard to resist.

So the guitar rarely chuggs along, but it does on one song. Had this been played to me on acoustic guitar, I would have flipped. As it is, the guitar grit is classic doom, but the songs themselves are just plain classic.

Expect no Ghost BC catchiness here. The doom riffs are simple to play but are fun and effective to back up the song. I can’t say enough how the black metal rasps are key to enjoying this album. He absolutely sounds like Skeletor, He-Man’s cartoon adversary. The chants on track 5, The Devil’s Devil, are also worthy of note.

And wait til he starts whispering like Hannibal Lecter does to Lecter’s cellmate Miggs in the movie. I wish I could sound like Doomed and Disgusting’s vocalist when the office bitch comes strutting my way with her over-the-top eat-you-alive blonde hair and office suit.

If you’re a poser, you’ll hate this. If not, you might either get a kick out of Doomed and Disgusting’s antics or you’ll simply step into a Church feeling like you’re being told the wrong sermon.

Review by Al Necro