Don’t Try This – Wireless Slaves

Rating: 3.0/5
Distributor/Label: Boersma-Records
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Released: 2017
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Band Lineup:Don_t_Try_This_-_Wireless_Slaves

Carlo Kasanya (vocals)
Markus Kopitzki (bass-guitar)
Stephan Renner (guitar)
Philipp Müller (guitar)
René Wähler (drums)


1. Suffocation
2. When They Rise
3. Nothing Is Like Before
4. My Burden
5. Falling Deeper
6. The End Of Everything
7. I Will Never Forget (feat. Rudi Schwarzer)
8. Living A Lie
9. I.W.N.F. vs. Polytox
10. Falling Deeper (Demo 2012)
11. The Requiem (feat. David Baßin)
12. I Will Never Forget (Piano Version)


Don’t Try This from Dessau in Germany formed in 2012 and as of last year signed up with Boersma-Records to re-release a deluxe version of their debut album ‘Wireless Slaves’. The ‘Modern Metal’ band comprising of five members bring several styles into a merger of melodic core and Gothenburg-esque metal with lots of electronic effects flying about here and there.

It’s not the most exciting music but it is well formulated enough and the production works well as a whole. The album opens with the heavier ‘Suffocation’ which is about as heavy as the album gets. A golden carrot dangling at the start brings their combinations of down tuned geetars, death growls, screams and electronics bring a whole two minutes of solid heaviness before breaking to more melodic and softer music. The first three tracks start off in a similar fashion to thisPromo_1

Don’t Try This don’t stick to heavy conventions throughout and mix it up with plenty of melodic parts and are certainly not afraid of having Carlo Kasanya demonstrate his clean vocal range which, when backed by the symphonic elements, has great staying power. The entirely clean ‘Falling Deeper’ is the best example of this.

They bring some interesting variances in style throughtout the album and the eighth track ‘I.W.N.F vs. Polytox’, a purely electronic track, even brings elements of dubstep in and who said that dubstep was dead? Mixing the clean vocals with plenty of growls as per the requisite we have been left with an impression that Don’t Try This are exactly what they categorise themselves as: a modern metal band. Plenty of likable and well rounded traits but without a consistent impact.

The last three tracks are a mix of a demo recording of ‘Falling Deeper’, ‘Requiem’ featuring David Baßin from Victorius and the ultimate ending of the all soft as a baby’s turd endings with a piano version of ‘I Will Never Forget’. Soft and melodic, a real stinker indeed but in all seriousness, it is a nice composition very much unlike baby turds. ‘Requiem’ should get a special mention as it is a solid track caught in between two soft tracks so we get one last taste of their heavier capabilities.

The band have some interesting ideas and sound well accomplished with their style. Don’t Try This are not for metal purists or fans of the extreme scene but those who like a range of varying forms of music packaged into one will find this rather pleasing. Not bad at all and certainly worth trying.