Don Broco, Noisy, Kid Brunswick + Beach Riot Brixton Academy

6th November 2021
Review and Photos by Rebecca Bush


I came to Don Brocos’ second sold out show of a two night run at London’s Brixton Academy, the atmosphere is super charged and everyone is clearly more than ready for them to blast through our Saturday night in a way only they can!

I arrive to third support Beach Riot on stage, added to the line up just two weeks prior to the show and there is a sizeable crowd already gathered at the barrier. The foursome from Brighton released their debut album ‘Sub Atomic Party Cool’ in September and have been gaining a steady following, winning over audiences wherever they go.

They have a wonderfully reminiscent feel about them, it’s a mix of exciting familiarity with a new edge to it. Their combination of soft and heavy, grunge and rock meshes together to make a sound that somehow reaches out to many different musical preferences.

Simply put there is something for everyone and the audience are here for it! Beach Riot head out on their album tour across the UK from Nov 24th through to Dec 16th so get out to a show and check them out!

Blurring lines between genres and redefining them seems to be a theme this evening, you’d be hard pressed to categorise this gig and with the world constantly changing and shifting it seems only right that we stomp all over those boxes we like to put things in and blow the lines wide open.

Next on the bill we have solo performer from London – Kid Brunswick (Harry James). He takes to the stage alone and immediately commands the entire space somehow. Backlit by a large X and supported with a backing track he is tasked with bringing a performance big enough to reach the whole room and he is certainly up to the job!

Rarely in one spot for more than a few fleeting moments he makes the vast Academy stage completely his as his brand of punk edge alternative has the audience fully riled up and loving every minute. The switch from band dynamic to solo singer isn’t too jarring due to the sheer size of his performance and the energy he brings.

There is plenty of audience interaction to bring them close despite the size of the venue making it that bit more intimate. Having been out on the road in support of the likes of Wargasm and The Hara, Harry James is very much staking his claim in the world of music and at only 22 years of age the future is looking very bright for Kid Brunswick.


Bringing it back to the band dynamic are Worthing three piece Noisy. Their sound is a combination of heavy beats and catchy hooks that blast out across the crowd keeping the energy levels up and everyone in the room bouncing. Another act non conforming to genres their style is pop-esque and gritty with clear roots in drum and bass and these guys are definitely at home on the stage, it seems no part of it is unoccupied as they tear through a fast paced hefty set, a perfect prelude to what comes next!

If you are looking for a high energy exciting interactive performance then Don Broco are the band you want! They bring all of these accolades and more. The band filter onto the stage to a very hyped up excitable crowd, arms outstretched and voices raised as front man Rob Damiani appears, backlit on the back platform of the stage and rips into opening number ‘Manchester Super Red’s No. 1 Fan’ from latest offering ‘Amazing Things’ breaking through yet more barriers with their pop/ rock /alternative fusion.

Clad in jeans, a t-shirt and a bomber jacket made of towelling bar mats Damiani is breaking through fashion barriers too and I love it! There’s a real connection here between band and fans the exchange between them is exciting to watch. Each song on the set list is greeted with the same response – mad cheering and singing along, it’s a set that just keeps giving old and new songs perfectly intertwined to show the vast array of talent they have to offer.

For one of my personal favourites ‘Pretty’ Rob struts up and down the stage swinging his luscious head of curls side to side all swagger and pure vocal brilliance. All members are fully animated leaping and careering round the big space and interacting with the upturned faces in front of them.

The new album is definitely making big waves and seeing a bulk of those songs performed live for the first time since its release just weeks ago shows just how they keep going from strength to strength.

No doubt partly fuelled by the lack of the life blood that is live shows there is some bite in those new tracks and they are unmistakably an elevated version of their already kick ass works. It’s impossible to not have a good time at a Don Broco show, it’s many things a light display, a rock show, and a hell of a party to name but a few!!!

Don Broco Set List
  1. Manchester Super Reds No. 1 Fan
  2. Technology
  3. Pretty
  4. Gumshield
  5. Greatness
  6. Automatic
  7. Uber
  8. Come Out To L.A
  9. Action
  10. One True Prince
  11. You Wanna Know
  12. Endorphins (‘Thug Workout’)
  13. Nerve (Stripped)
  14. Bruce Willis
  15. Everybody
  16. T-Shirt Song