Domitorem – Interview with Azott

11 October 2016

Interview by Demitri Levantis

Photos supplied by Domitorem

Following the transition from the UK Extreme Metal outfit: Premature Birth, into the more esoteric themed Black Metal act Domitorem, the Independent Voice caught up with band leader/vocalist Azott to discuss what is to be expected from the new act.


So why the sudden name change from Premature Birth? 

Even though the name change my seem sudden, this has been a process which started around December 2015/January 2016. Collectively we decided that Premature Birth wasn’t suitable anymore, so we changed it.

Can you tell me what the new name entails? 

Domitorem translates to Vanquisher in Latin. A long story short, it’s the death and rebirth of the band. Premature Birth is gone, and we’re now Domitorem. It’s an exciting, new chapter for us and the band with a more focused path.

Is the band going in a new musical direction from the PB days? 

Yes and no. The new music is more thought out and involves a more intense musical journey. There’s still melodic sections and songs, and there’s also upcoming songs which are dark, fast and atmospheric. The speed element is still there which brings a lot of aggression. The Funeral single is a great example of what’s coming, and the kind of music we create.  

What bands would you liken your new sound to the most?

I’m not sure. I tend to focus all our writing as our own material. In the band there’s been a fair range of influences. In the time of writing we’ve been listening to 1349, Nightbringer, Behemoth, Belphegor, Ondskapt, Behexen…I guess you can probably hear/feel an influence from those bands. It’s probably something best answered by our listeners when they see us on a live show or listen to our music.  

Are there any new ideas and ideologies behind the new material?

Yes. Rebirth, renewal, transmutation, higher states, mastery etc.  

What has the recent line-up change done for the band in your eyes?

A lot. It’s been beneficial. Productivity is higher and there’s a new energy to the band. The communication and co-operation has improved massively with Skarl and Kvaser joining. It’s brought a new power to the band. 

domitorem2Can you tell me about the new stage names and why you all picked those?

So we have:

Morath (Keyboards) – is the name of a fire incantation. Skarl (Drums) – which fittingly, is the name of a drummer god. Kvaser (Bass) – the name of the man which two dwarves killed and created the first mead with his blood. Stalluomos (Guitars) – The name is a creation from his thoughts. And Azott (Guitars + Vocals) is a play on the word Azoth – an agent used with transformation in alchemy. We all picked names which were personal and felt would represent us best. 

Let’s talk about the symbols you’ve been using, what do they represent?

We each have an alchemic symbol painted on our foreheads. Arsenic White, Aquavitae, Oil Essence, Cribbed Ash and Purification. Again, we found symbols which had meaning to us. Collectively, it’s all linked to the theme of self-mastery. Purifying/purification substances, death and poisoning unworthiness.  

Are you experimenting with any other types of music your audience wouldn’t expect like classical or ethereal? 

Currently, no. Classical music as well as other music genres are usually enjoyed when I’m not creating or listening to Extreme Music. 

Is the occult your main theme of lyrics or is it alchemy? 

Neither really. I’d say Self-Mastery

What can you tell me about the themes you’ve woven into the lyrics?

The lyrics are mainly based on metaphors and Self-Mastery elements of the alchemic practice of turning lead to gold – the spiritual, physical and mental symbolism it brings with it. Such as higher states, higher thought power and taking one material and transforming it into something much more special – a purification. We have songs about universal law and esoteric elements of universal creation and workings. 

Was it your idea alone to bring about this new band or was it a collective agreement?

Collective agreement.  

Describe which bands are most like you at your most raw and at your most melodic? 

Tough one. That’s probably best to be answered by our listeners. 

What would you say to people who suddenly distance themselves from the band because you’re no longer PB?

That’s down to them, as I see it it’s their loss.  

Has the band matured in your eyes? 

Yeah, a lot. Personally and musically. Everything has been taken a step up – the focus as well as musical and lyrical quality. To go more in depth, we’re using click tracks in rehearsals and live so everything is 100% in time. The lyrical themes are more thought out and not as childlike as before. 

What gigs have you got lined up in the near future?

We played our debut show at Mammothfest 2016, and will have shows to announce soon.  

Are any of the band involved in other projects who are similar to the new sound?

As part of the Black Metal genre – Morath is a member of Formicarius and Skarl is a member of Diabolis Incarnate. Both bands are fast and brutal. 


What do you like most about being in a band?

Tough one. There are lots of pros to being in a band. Number 1 would be the sense of purpose and achievement.  

And how will the new changes make you feel about being a band leader?

Only positive. The future is exciting.  

Domitorem’s latest song Funeral can be viewed below, catch the band on Facebook, YouTube.